Welcome to Latitude 34 North. Lat34north is a rather eclectic collection of information reflecting my wide range of interest. From Geographic, the sciences, exploration and history, Lat34north covers a wide rage of topics. There is a old saying about my eyes are bigger then my stomach. Well, on Lat34north, my ambitions are bigger than my web development skills and time to do the necessary research and built the various web pages. My plans call for a web site with several sections, each section devoted to what a first glance may be seemingly unrelated subjects, but if you squint really hard, you can find a relationship there.


The cities section is dedicated to the cities around the world that are located on (or close to) the 34th Parallel and north of the equator. This section includes information on the city, its history and the history of the surrounding area. For cities in the US, the page will contain information about the state, in other cites around the world, the page will contain information about the country. Each page also included information on the weather in the region, including some historical weather data.

The cities section also includes pages dedicated to defining he terms Latitude, Longitude, Navigation and the concept of Time. Have you ever heard a character on your favorite TV show or movie refers to Zulu time? The visit “Time Zones - Zulu Time” the web page about time to find out.

Colors around the fast facts section.
As you visit each city around the world, you may notice that the lines around the fast fact at the top of each pages are different colors. The lines are the color from the flags of the nation that the city is in. The bars are red and green for Fes, Morocco, and they are red, whit and blue for each city in the United States.