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Battle of Crow Valley

Beginning on 1864/02/25 and ending 1864/02/25

The Battle of Crow Valley was a preliminary action that occurred a few months before the beginning of Gen. Sherman´s Atlanta Campaign. The battle occurred near Dalton, GA on February, 25, 1864. This battle is also referred to as The Demonstration on Dalton, GA. Crow Valley, otherwise known as Buzzard Roost, is a natural gateway through Rock Face Ridge and was heavily fortified by Confederate forces at Dalton after their retreat from Missionary Ridge.

February 25, 1864, 2 divisions of the Federal 14th A.C., Dept. of the Cumberland, moving by Tunnel Hill, attempted to seize the gap, but were driven back by Stewart´s (CSA) & Breckinridge´s (CSA) divs. At the same time, the gap was assailed from Crow Valley, E. of Rocky Face, by Cruft´s (USA) 1st Division of the 4th A.C. and Baird´s (USA) 3rd Division of the 14th A.C. which was repulsed by Hindman´s (CSA) A.C. [1]

These Federal moves were prompted by rumors that Johnston´s (CSA) command had reinforced Polk (CSA), facing Sherman´s forces at Meridian, Miss.



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Historic Markers Across Georgia - Civil War in GA

Battle of Crow Valley - February 25, 1864

Battle of Crow Valley
Part of the American Civil War
Date February 25, 1864
Location Whitfield County, Georgia
Result Inconclusive
Flag of Confederate States of America CSA (Confederacy)
Joseph E. Johnston
Forces Engaged
Army of Tennessee
Casualties and losses
345 [2]
260[3] Est.


  • I was only able to find a nominal list of the casualties for Steward's Division of Hindman's corp. This estimate was obtained by adding up the casualties noted in the various operational reports and foot notes of The War of the Rebellion: Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies, Series I, Volume 32, Chapter 44, Part 1, sub-section: Demonstration on Dalton, GA, There is a reference to a nominal list on page page 481 but I have not located it.
  • Major General John M. Palmer was in immediate command of all forces engaged in the demonstration at Dalton.[4]


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