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Battle of Griswoldville

Beginning on 1864/11/22 and ending 1864/11/22

On Nov. 22 1864, the Right Wing (15th and 17th Corps) of Gen. Sherman´s army [USA] marched southeast from the vicinity of Gray toward Gordon and Irwinton on its destructive March to the Sea. To protect the right against Wheeler´s cavalry [CSA]. Brig. Gen. C. C. Walcutt´s brigade of woods division. 15th Corps with two guns of Arndt´s Michigan Battery, was sent toward Macon.
Near Griswoldville, Walcutt found Murray´s brigade of Kilpatrick´s cavalry division engaged with Wheeler. Together, they drove Wheeler through Griswoldville, after which Walcutt withdraw and took up a strong position on the Duncan farm, south of the railroad and about 1-½ miles east of town. He intrenched hastily on a slight elevation behind a small stream (Little Sandy Creek), his flanks protected by swamps and open fields in his front. The guns were placed on the road near the center of his line. About 2:30 P.M., he was attacked by the 1st Division, Georgia Militia. Brig. Gen. P. J. Phillips, with four guns. Advancing in three lines across the open fields, the Gregorian made seven determined assaults: About 3:30 P.M., Walcutt was wounded and Col. R. F. Catterson, 97th Indiana Infantry, assumed command. At dusk, Phillips was forced to retire but Catterson made no attempt to pursue him.
Killed and wounded: [CSA] 523: [USA] 92



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Battle of Griswoldville
Battle of Griswoldville
Battle of Griswoldville
Battle of Griswoldville
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