Battle of Utoy Creek

Battle of Utoy Creek
Part of the Atlanta Campaign
Date JAugust 5, 1864 (1864-08-05)–August 7, 1864 (1864-08-07)
Location Fulton County, Georgia
Result Confederate victory
Flag of the United States United States (Union)
Flag of Confederate States of America CSA (Confederacy)
William T. Sherman
John M. Schofield
John Bell Hood
William B. Bate
Forces Engaged
Army of the Ohio
XIV Corps
Army of Tennessee
Casualties and losses[1]

On Aug. 5, 1864. Brigadier General Richard W. Johnson´s 1st division of Major General John M. Palmer´s XIV corps moved via Peyton Road to the Henry Bankston home, where it was deployed while the 15th & 18th U.S. Regulars forced passed on to the creek - - after which the division crossed to the south side and camped that night.

August 6, 1864. The ridge just south along Utoy Creek was densely wooded at the time and fortified by General William B. Bate´s division, Hardee´s A.C. [Confederate]. It extended west from the Atlanta to works at East Point, and blocked further Federal moves toward the railroad.

To eliminate this barrier, Cox´s division, 23d A.C. [USA] assaulted Bate´s position in an action known as the battle of Utoy Creek. Strongly posted with abates and head-logs, Bate withstood the frontal attack until forced to withdraw when his left was assailed from the direction of Cascade Springs. Fighting in the ranks of the embattled Confederate defenders of the ridge, was the famous “Orphan Brigade” of Kentucky.

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