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Series 1 Volume XXX; Part 2

SEPTEMBER 1-10, 1883. - Expeditions from Paducah, Ky., and Union City, Tenn., to Conyersville, Tenn., and Skirmish September 5.

Official Report Number 1

Report of James S. Martin, One hundred and eleventh Illinois Infantry.
September 18, 1863.

GENERAL: I have the honor to submit the following report of expedition under Maj. W. M. Mabry, One hundred and eleventh Illinois Infantry, that left here on the 1st instant, consisting. of two companies infantry and two of cavalry. They arrived in Mayfield on the afternoon of the 1st instant. Captain Duncan, in command of cavalry, started in pursuit of guerrillas that had broken into Bolinger's store the previous night and robbed it of a large quantity of goods, &c. Infantry moved on to Murray, arrived there on the 2d instant, camping there in accordance with orders. Scouting parties were sent out in all directions to gather information and collect the small-arms in that vicinity.

On the 4th instant, Lieut. Gus. Herpich, Fourth Missouri Cavalry, with 80 men, mounted, arrived at Murray and joined our forces.

On the 5th instant, information was received that Judge McKnight's store, 6 miles from Murray, had been broken open and robbed by a band of guerrillas. The mounted force were immediately dispatched in pursuit, overtaking the band at Conyersville, Tenn., killing the leader, Captain McGuire, Lieutenant Foster, and 3 men, wounding 1, and taking 1 prisoner; also recapturing some of the stolen goods. It was then reported that a force of from 100 to 300 rebels were camped in the Obion Bottoms, near Conyersville. About the same time Companies C and G, One hundred and eleventh Illinois Infantry, arrived at Murray, when the whole command moved to Conyersville, Tenn., sending out the mounted force in all directions in hopes of securing the rebels. They found no enemy, the report proving false._ Major Mabry then learned that Colonel Harrison, Second Tennessee Cavalry, with his command was near Paris, Tenn. He sent an officer to communicate with him, but Colonel Harrison had returned to Boydsville.

On the 9th instant, the expedition took up their march for Paducah (except Lieutenant Herplch with his command, who returned to Union City), arriving here on the evening of the 10th instant.

The total result was as follows: Rebel loss killed, 1 captain, 1 lieutenant, 3 men; wounded, 1 man; prisoners taken, 2. The following property captured and turned over to Major Gibson, provost-marshal: 9 horses, 1 mule, 2 saddles, 73 shot-guns and rifles, 2 pistols, 1 pair saddle-bags; also 9 bottles of morphine that was taken from Bolinger's store by the guerrillas on 31st August, 1863.

Major Mabry returned with his command, having accomplished all he could in that vicinity. Could find no other force, nor gain information of any



Colonel 111th Illinois Infantry, Commanding Post.
Brig. Gen. A. J. SMITH,
Comdg. Sixth Division, Columbus, Ky.



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