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The Civil War in Georgia
The Chickamauga Campaign

Official Records Index to Volume XXX, Chapter XLII, Part 2, Serial No. 51


This index to the Official Records of the War of the Rebellion (American Civil War) covers the actions in Georgia. A detailed index is provided for each of the after action reports written by the officers with links to the reports. Volume XXX is divided into four parts and covers operations in Kentucky, Southwest Virginia, Tennessee, Mississippi, North Alabama and North Georgia from August 11-October 19, 1863. In addition to the reports covering the actions in Georgia, this index also provides links to all of the other reports contained in Volume XXX.

Part I - Official Reports for
  • AUGUST 10-22, 1863 - Raid on the Mississippi Central Railroad
  • AUGUST 12-23, 1863 - Expedition from Memphis, Tenn., to Grenada, Miss.
  • August 16-Septerber 22, 1863 - The Chickamauga Campaign
Part II - Official Reports for - The Chickamauga Campaign
Part III - Union Correspondence, etc.
Part IV - Union and Confederate Correspondence, etc.


Title: The War of the Rebellion: a compilation of the official records of the Union and Confederate armies.
Series 1Volume XXX; Part 2 - Reports
Chapter:XLII - Operations in Kentucky, Southwest Virginia, Tennessee, Mississippi, North Alabama, and North Georgia. August 11-October 19, 1863
Author: United States. War Dept., John Sheldon Moody, Calvin Duvall Cowles, Frederick Caryton Ainsworth, Robert N. Scott, Henry Martyn Lazelle, George Breckenridge Davis, Leslie J. Perry, Joseph William Kirkley
Published: Washington: Government Printing Office
Date: 1890
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  The Chickamauga Campaign (continued), the east Tennessee Campaign, Wheeler and Roddey´s Raid, etc.  
Summary of Principal Events 3
235 Organization of the Army of Tennessee, September 19–20. 11
236 General Braxton Bragg, C. S. Army, commanding Army of Tennessee. 21
237 Capt. O. T. Gibbes, C. S. Artillery, Ordnance Officer. 40
238 Lieut. Gen. Leonidas Polk, C. S. Army, commanding Right Wing. 43
239 Maj. Gen. Benjamin F. Cheatham, C. S. Army, commanding division. 77
240 Maj. John A. Cheatham, Chief Ordnance Officer. 81
241 Brig. Gen. John K. Jackson, C. S. Army, commanding brigade. 83
242 Lieut. Thomas G. Barrett, Ordnance Officer. 86
243 Maj. James C. Gordon, Second Battalion, First Georgia Infantry (Confederate). 87
244 Col. Charles P. Daniel, Fifth Georgia Infantry. 88
245 Maj. Richard H. Whiteley, Second Georgia Battalion Sharpshooters. 89
246 Maj. John B. Herring, Fifth Mississippi Infantry. 91
247 Col. John C. Wilkinson, Eighth Mississippi Infantry. 92
248 Capt. John Scogin, Georgia Battery. 93
249 Brig. Gen. George Maney, C. S. Army, commanding brigade. 94
250 Lieut. Alexander Allison, jr., Acting Ordnance Officer. 98
251 Col. Hume R. Feild, First Tennessee Infantry, commanding First and Twenty–seventh Tennessee Infantry. 99
252 Capt. Joseph Bostick, Fourth Tennessee Infantry (Provisional Army). 100
253 Col. George C. Porter, Sixth Tennessee Infantry, commanding Sixth and Ninth Tennessee Infantry. 101
254 Maj. Frank Haney, Twenty–fourth Tennessee Battalion Sharpshooters. 104
255 Lieut. William B. Turner, Smith´s (Mississippi) battery. 105
256 Col. Alfred. J. Vaughan, jr., Thirteenth Tennessee Infantry, commanding Preston Smith´s brigade. 106
257 Capt. Henry K. Beatty, Ordnance Officer. 109
258 Col. George W. Gordon, Eleventh Tennessee Infantry. 110
259 Col. William M. Watkins, Forty–seventh Tennessee Infantry, Commanding Twelfth and Forty–seventh Tennessee Infantry. 111
260 Lieut. Col. R. W. Pitman, Thirteenth Tennessee Infantry, commanding Thirteenth and One hundred and fifty–fourth Tennessee Infantry. 112
261 Col. Horace Rice, Twenty–ninth Tennessee Infantry. 114
262 Maj. William Green, Eleventh Tennessee Infantry, commanding Dawson´s Battalion Sharpshooters. 115
263 Lieut. A. T. Watson, Scott´s (Tennessee) battery. 116
264 Brig. Gen. Marcus J. Wright, C. S. Army, commanding brigade. 117
265 Lieut. A. J. Paine, Ordnance Officer. 121
266 Col. John H. Andersqn, Eighth Tennessee Infantry. 122
267 Col. D. M. Donnell, Sixteenth Tennessee Infantry. 124
268 Col. Sidney S. Stanton, Twenty–eighth Tennessee Infantry. 125
269 Col. John C. Carter, Thirty–eighth Tennessee Infantry. 127
270 Lieut. Col. John G. Hall, Fifty–first Tennessee Infantry, commanding, Fifty–first and Fifty–second Tennessee Infantry. 129
271 Brig. Gen. Otho F. Strahl, C. S. Army, commanding brigade. 130
272 Col. Jonathan J. Lamb, Fifth Tennessee Infantry, commanding Fourth and Fifth Tennessee Infantry. 133
273 Col. Francis M. Walker, Nineteenth Tennessee Infantry. 134
274 Col. John A. Wilson, Twenty–fourth Tennessee Infantry. 135
275 Col. Egbert E. Tansil, Thirty–first Tennessee Infantry. 136
276 Lieut. Gen. Daniel H. Hill, C. S. Army, commanding corps. 136
277 Maj. Gen. Patrick R. Cleburne, C. S. Army, commanding division. 153
278 Brig. Gen. S. A. M. Wood, C. S. Army, commanding brigade. 159
279 Capt. Frederick A. Ashford, Sixteenth Alabama Infantry. 162
280 Col. Samuel Adams, Thirty–third Alabama Infantry, commanding Thirty–third Alabama and Gibson´s battalion. 165
281 Col. E. B. Breedlove, Forty–fifth Alabama Infantry. 167
282 Col. M. P. Lowrey, Thirty–second Mississippi Infantry, commanding Thirty–second and Forty–fifth Mississippi Infantry. 169
283 Capt. Daniel Coleman, Fifteenth Mississippi· Battalion Sharpshooters 172
284 Lieut. R. W. Goldthwaite, Semple´s (Alabama) battery. 173
285 Brig. Gen. Lucius E. Polk, C. S. Army, commanding brigade. 176
286 Col. John W. Colquitt, First Arkansas Infantry. 178
287 Col. J. A. Smith, Fifth Confederate Infantry, commanding Third and Fifth. Confederate Infantry. 180
288 Col. William D. Robison, Second Tennessee Infantry. 181
289 Col. Benjamin J. Hill, Thirty–fifth Tennessee Infantry. 181
290 Col. George H. Nixon, Forty–eighth Tennessee Infantry. 185
291 Lieut. Thomas J. Key, Calvert´s (Arkansas) battery. 186
292 Col. Roger Q. Mills, Tenth Texas Infantry, commanding Deshler´s brigade. 187
293 Lieut. Cot A. S. Hutchison, Nineteenth Arkansas Infantry, commanding Nineteenth and Twenty–fourth Arkansas Infantry. 191
294 LieutCol. Thomas S. Anderson, Sixth Texas Infantry, commanding Sixth and Tenth Texas Infantry and Fifteenth Texas Cavalry (dismounted). 192
295 Col. F. C. Wilkes, Twenty–fourth Texas Cavalry, commanding Seventeenth, Eighteenth, Twenty–fourth, and Twenty–fifth Texas Cavalry (dismount). 194
296 Maj. William A. Taylor, Twenty–fourth Texas Cavalry, commanding Seventeenth, Eighteenth, Twenty–fourth, and Twenty–fifth Texas Cavalry (dismounted). 195
297 Capt. James P. Douglas, Texas battery. 195
298 Maj. Gen. John C. Breckinridge, C. S. Army, commanding division. 197
299 Capt. Charles Semple, Ordnance Officer. 202
300 Col. Joseph H. Lewis, Sixth Kentucky Infantry, commanding Helm´s brigade. 203
301 Col. :Martin L. Stansel, Forty–first Alabama Infantry. 207
302 Lieut. Cot James W. Moss, Second Kentucky Infantry. 208
303 Maj. Thomas W. Thompson, Fourth Kentucky Infantry. 209
304 Lieut. Col. Martin H. Cofer, Sixth Kentucky Infantry. 211
305 Lieut. Cot John C. Wickliffe, Ninth Kentucky Infantry. 213
306 Capt. Robert Cobb, Kentucky battery. 214
307 Col. Randall L. Gibson, Thirteenth Louisiana Infantry, commanding Adams´ brigade. 216
308 Maj. John C. Kimbell, Thirty–second Alabama Infantry. 219
309 Col Randall L. Gibson, Thirteenth Louisiana Infantry, commanding Thirteenth and Twentieth Louisiana Infantry. 221
310 Col. Leon von Zinken, Twentieth Louisiana Infantry, commanding Thirteenth and Twentieth Louisiana Infantry. 222
311 Col. Daniel Gober, Sixteenth Louisiana Infantry, commanding Sixteenth and Twenty–fifth Louisiana Infantry. 223
312 Lieut. Col. Richard W. Turner, Nineteenth Louisiana Infantry. 224
313 Capt. H. A. Kennedy, Nineteenth Louisiana Infantry. 225
314 Maj. J. E. Austin, Fourteenth Louisiana Battalion Sharpshooters. 227
315 Capt. C. H. Slocomb, Fifth Company (Louisiana) Washington Artillery. 229
316 Brig. Gen. Marcellus A. Stovall, C. s. Army, commanding brigade. 230
317 Col. William S. Dilworth, Third Florida Infantry, commanding First and Third Florida Infantry. 232
318 Col. W. L. L. Bowen, Fourth Florida Infantry. 234
319 Capt. Joseph S. Cone, Forty–seventh Georgia Infantry. 236
320 Capt. James T. Weaver, Sixtieth North Carolina Infantry. 238
321 Maj. Gen. William H. T. Walker, C. S. Army, commanding Reserve Corps. 239
322 Brig. Gen. States R. Gist, C. S. Army, commanding Walker´s division. 244
323 Col. Claudius C. Wilson, Twenty–fifth Georgia Infantry, commanding brigade. 247
324 Brig. Gen. St. John R. Liddell, C. S. Anny, commanding division. 251
325 Capt. Charles Swett, Acting Chief of Artillery. 255
326 Col. Daniel C. Govan, Second Arkansas Infantry, commanding Liddell´s brigade. 257
327 Capt. A. T. Meek, Second Arkansas Infantry, commanding Second and Fifteenth Arkansas Infantry. 261
328 Lieut. Col. John E. Murray, Fifth Arkansas–Infantry, commanding Fifth and Thirteenth Arkansas Infantry. 262
329 Lieut. Col. Peter Snyder, Seventh Arkansas Infantry commanding Sixth and Seventh Arkansas Infantry. 266
330 Maj. A. Watkins, Eighth Arkansas Infantry. 267
331 Lieut. H. Shannon, Sweet´s (Mississippi) battery. 269
332 Brig. Gen. Edward C. Walthall, C. S. Army, commanding brigade. 271
333 Lieut. John C. Harrison, Acting Ordnance Officer. 276
334 Capt. J. D. Smith, Twenty–fourth Mississippi Infantry. 277
335 Col. James A. Campbell, Twenty–seventh Mississippi Infantry. 279
336 Col. William F. Brantly, Twenty–ninth Mississippi Infantry 280
337 Maj. James M. Johnson, Thirtieth Mississippi Infantry. 282
338 Col. Samuel Benton, Thirty–fourth Mississippi Infantry. 284
339 Capt. W. H. Fowler, Alabama battery. 286
340 Lieut. Gen. James Longstreet, C. S. Army, commanding Left Wing. 287
341 Maj. Gen. Thomas C. Hindman, C. S. Army, commanding division. 292
342 Maj. E. B. D. Riley, Chief of Ordnance. 313
343 Brig. Gen. Patton Anderson, C.S. Army, commanding brigade. 314
344 Lieut. J. B. Mattison. Ordnance Officer. 321
345 Col. W. H. Bishop, Seventh Mississippi Infantry. 321
346 Maj. T. H. Lynam, Ninth Mississippi Infantry. 322
347 Lieut. Col. James Ban, Tenth Mississippi Infantry. 324
348 Col. W. F. Tucker, Forty–first Mississippi Infantry. 325
349 Col. J. H. Sharp, Forty–fourth Mississippi Infantry. 327
350 Maj. W. C. Richards, Ninth Mississippi Battalion Sharpshooters. 328
351 Capt. James Garrity, Alabama battery. 329
352 Brig. Gen. Zach. C. Deas, C. S. Army, commanding brigade. 329
353 Lieut. Frederick B. Dallas, Ordnance Officer. 332
354 Col. Samuel K. McSpadden, Nineteenth Alabama Infantry. 333
355 Capt. Harry T. Toulmin, Twenty–second Alabama Infantry. 335
356 Col. George D. Johnston, Twenty–fifth Alabama Infantry. 337
357 Col. Whitfield Clark, Thirty–ninth Alabama Infantry. 338
358 Col. J. G. Coltart, Fiftieth Alabama Infantry. 338
359 Capt. James F. Nabers, Seventeenth Alabama Battalion Sharpshooters. 340
360 Brig. Gen. Arthur M. Manigault, C. S. Army, commanding brigade. 340
361 Lieut. Joseph H. Johnson, Ordnance Officer. 345
362 Col. N. N. Davis, Twenty–fourth Alabama Infantry. 345
363 Col. John C. Reid, Twenty–eighth Alabama Infantry. 347
364 Maj. John N. Slaughter, Thirty–fourth Alabama Infantry. 351
365 Col. James F. Pressley, Nineteenth South Carolina Infantry, commanding Tenth and Nineteenth South Carolina Infantry. 354
366 Lieut. George D. Turner, Waters´ (Alabama) battery. 356
367 Maj. Gen. Simon B. Buckner, C. S. Army, commanding corps. 356
368 Maj. Thomas K. Porter, Chief of Artillery. 359
369 Maj. Gen. Alexander P. Stewart, C. S. Army, commanding division. 360
370 Brig. Gen. John C. Brown, C. S. Army, commanding brigade. 370
371 Lieut. Col. William R. Butler, Eighteenth Tennessee Infantry. 374
372 Maj. Richard M. Saffell, Twenty–sixth Tennessee Infantry. 375
373 Col. Edmund C. Cook, Thirty–second Tennessee Infantry. 378
374 Col. Anderson Searcy, Forty–fifth Tennessee Infantry. 380
375 Capt. W. P. Simpson, Twenty–third Tennessee Battalion. 381
376 Lieut. R. W. Anderson, Dawson´s (Georgia) battery. 382
377 Brig. Gen. William B. Bate, C. S. Army, commanding brigade. 383
378 Col. Bushrod Jones, Fifty–eighth Alabama Infantry. 388
379 Col. A. F. Rudler, Thirty–seventh Georgia Infantry. 391
380 Lieut. Col. Joseph T. Smith, Thirty–seventh Georgia Infantry. 392
381 Lieut. Joel Towers, Fourth Georgia Battalion Sharpshooters. 394
382 Col. R. C. Tyler, Fifteenth Tennessee Infantry, commanding Fifteenth and Thirty–seventh Tennessee Infantry. 395
383 Lieut. Col. R. Dudley Frayser, Thirty–seventh Tennessee Infantry, commanding Fifteenth and Thirty–seventh Tennessee Infantry. 397
384 Capt. R. M. Tankesley, Thirty–seventh Tennessee Infantry, commanding Fifteenth and Thirty–seventh Tennessee Infantry. 398
385 Maj. W. M. Shy, Twentieth Tennessee Infantry. 399
386 Lieut. W. J. McKenzie, Eufaula (Alabama) Light Artillery. 399
387 Brig. Gen. Henry D. Clayton, C. S. Army, commanding brigade. 400
388 Maj. P. F. Hunley, Eighteenth Alabama Infantry. 404
389 Col. Lewis T. Woodruff, Thirty–sixth Alabama Infantry. 407
390 Lieut. Col. A. R. Lankford, Thirty–eighth Alabama Infantry. 409
391 Capt. John T. Humphreys, First Arkansas Battery. 411
392 Brig. Gen. William Preston, C. S. Army, commanding division. 413
393 Brig. Gen. Archibald Gracie, jr., C. S. Army, commanding brigade. 420
394 Col. Young M. Moody, Forty–third Alabama Infantry. 422
395 Capt. George W. Huguley, First Battalion, Hilliard´s (Alabama) Legion. 424
396 Lieut. C. Hall, Adjutant Second Battalion, Hilliard´s (Alabama) Legion. 425
397 Lieut. Col. John W. A. Sanford, Third Battalion, Hilliard´s (Alabama) Legion. 426
398 Maj. John D. McLennan, Fourth Battalion, Hilliard´s (Alabama) Legion. 427
399 Maj. John A. Aiken, Sixty–third Tennessee Infantry. 428
400 Col. Robert C. Trigg, Fifty–fourth Virginia Infantry, commanding brigade. 429
401 Col. G. Troup Maxwell, First Florida Cavalry (dismounted). 433
402 Col. J. J. Finley, Sixth Florida Infantry. 435
403 Col. Robert Bullock, Seventh Florida Infantry. 437
404 Lieut. Col. John J. Wade, Fifty–fourth Virginia Infantry. 438
405 Col. John H. Kelly, Eighth Arkansas Infantry, commanding brigade. 440
406 Col. R. H. Moore, Sixty–fifth Georgia Infantry. 442
407 Col. Hiram Hawkins, Fifth Kentucky Infantry. 443
408 Col. John B. Palmer, Fifty–eighth North Carolina Infantry. 444
409 Maj. James M. French, Sixty–third Virginia Infantry. 447
410 Maj. A. Leyden, Ninth Georgia Artillery Battalion. 448
411 Maj. Samuel C. Williams, Reserve Corps Artillery Battalion. 449
412 Brig. Gen. Bushrod R. Johnson, C. S. Army, commanding Provisional Division. 451
413 Lieut. George Marchbanks, C. S. Army, Assistant Inspector–General. 470
414 Col. John S. Fulton, Forty–fourth Tennessee Infantry, commanding Johnson´s brigade. 471
415 Lieut. Col. Watt W. Floyd, Seventeenth Tennessee Infantry. 479
416 Col. R. H. Keeble, Twenty–third Tennessee Infantry. 484
417 Lieut. Col. R. B. Snowden, Twenty–fifth Tennessee Infantry. 487
418 Maj. G. M. Crawford, Forty–fourth Tennessee Infantry. 492
419 Lieut. William S. Everett, Company E, Ninth Georgia Artillery Battalion. 493
420 Col. Cyrus A. Sugg, Fiftieth Tennessee Infantry, commanding Gregg´s brigade. 494
421 Lieut. Fletcher Beaumont, Adjutant Fiftieth Tennessee Infantry. 497
422 Lieut. R. L. Wood, Bledsoe´s (Missouri) battery. 499
423 Col. David Coleman, Thirty–ninth North Carolina Infantry, commanding McNair´s brigade. 499
424 Brig. Gen. Joseph B. Kershaw, C. S. Army, commanding McLaws´ division. 502
425 Col. James D. Nance, Third South Carolina Infantry. 507
426 Brig. Gen. Benjamin G. Humphreys, C. S. Army, commanding brigade. 509
427 Brig. Gen. Jerome B. Robertson, C. S. Army, commanding brigade. 510
428 Col. Van H. Manning, Third Arkansas Infantry. 512
429 Capt. R. J. Harding, First Texas Infantry. 513
430 Capt. James T. Hunter, Fourth Texas Infantry. 514
431 Capt. T. T. Clay, Fifth Texas Infantry. 515
432 Brig. Gen. Henry L. Benning, C. S. Army, commanding brigade. 517
433 Maj. Gen. Joseph Wheeler, C. S. Army, commanding Cavalry Corps. 519
434 Maj. Gen. William T. Martin, C. S. Army, commanding Cavalry Division. 522
435 Brig. Gen. Nathan B. Forrest, C. S. Army, commanding Cavalry Corps. 523
436 Col. George G. Dibrell, Eighth Tennessee Cavalry. 527
437 Brig. Gen. John Pegram, C. S. Army, commanding Cavalry Division. 528
438 Col. John S. Scott, First Louisiana Cavalry, commanding brigade. 529
439 Confederate Roll of Honor. 532
Summary of Principal Events 543
1 Maj. Gen. Henry W. Halleck, General in–Chief, U. S. Army. 545
2 Maj. Gen. Ambrose E. Burnside, U. S. Army, commanding Department of the Ohio. 547
3 Organization of the Department of the Ohio, August 31, 1863. 552
4 Abstract from return of the Department of the Ohio, August 81, 1863. 557
5 Maj. James H. Simpson, U. S. Corps of Engineers, Chief Engineer. 557
6 Capt. Orlando Y. Poe, U. S. Corps of Engineers. 565
7 Capt. William H. Harris, U. S. Ordnance Department, Senior Ordnance Officer. 571
8 Capt. William G. McCreary, U. S. Signal Corps, Chief Signal Officer. 573
9 Itinerary of the Ninth Army Corps, August 1 to October 28, 1863. 574
10 Itinerary of the Twenty–third Army Corps, August 1 to September30, 1863, 576
11 Return of Casualties in the Union forces at Blue Springs, Tenn., October 10, 1863. 580
12 Brig. Gen. Edward H. Hobson, U. S. Army. 580
13 Maj. Samuel Martin, Thirty–seventh Kentucky Infantry. 581
14 Col. Selby Harney, Thirty–fourth Kentucky Infantry. 584
15 Brig. Gen. Julius White, U. S. Army, commanding Second Division, Twenty–third Army Corps. 585
16 Col. Robert K. Byrd, First Tennessee Infantry, commanding First Brigade, Fourth Division. 585
17 Lieut. Col. George E. Ross, Forty–fifth Ohio (mounted) Infantry. 589
18 Col. Frank Wolford, First Kentucky Cavalry, commanding Cavalry Brigade (unattached). 590
19 Col. John W. Foster, Sixty–fifth Indiana (mounted) Infantry, commanding Second Brigade, Fourth Division. 580
20 Brig. Gen. James M. Shackelford, U. S. Army, commanding Third Brigade. 593
21 Col. James P. T. Carter, Second Tennessee (mounted) Infantry, commanding Third Brigade. 597
22 Capt. Henry Y. Neil, Twenty–second Ohio Battery. 598
23 Capt. Elijah W. Peck, Sixth Indiana Cavalry. 599
24 Capt. William W. Buckley. Battery D, First Rhode Island Light Artillery. 600
25 Maj. Gen. Samuel Jones, C. S. Army, commanding Department of Western Virginia and East Tennessee. 601
26 Brig. Gen. John W. Frazer, C. S. Army, commanding forces at Cumberland Gap. 607
27 Capt. Rush Van Leer, Engineer Officer. 624
28 Lieut. Hamilton Wilkins, C. S. Artillery, Acting Assistant Engineer Officer. 629
29 Lieut. P. D. Hunter, C. S. Artillery, Ordnance Officer. 631
30 Capt. J. H. Wright, Fifty–fifth Georgia Infantry. 635
31 Maj. B. G. McDowell, Sixty–second North Carolina Infantry. 636
32 Capt. Augustus B. Cowan, Sixty–second North Carolina Infantry. 637
33 Lieut. Thomas O´Conner, Kain´s(Tennessee) battery. 638
34 Brig. Gen. John S. Williams, C. S. Army, commanding Cavalry Brigade. 639
35 Lieut. Col. Milton A. Haynes, C. S. Artillery. 643
36 Col. John M. Hughs, Twenty–fifth Tennessee Infantry. 646
  SEPTEMBER 1–10, 1883.–Expeditions from Paducah, Ky., and Union City, Tenn., to Conyersville, Tenn., and Skirmish September 5.  
1 James S. Martin, One hundred and eleventh Illinois Infantry. 648
2 Lieut. Gustav Herpich, Fourth Missouri Cavalry. 649
  SEPTEMBER 7, 1863 –Skirmish at Holly Springs, Miss. 650
  SEPTEMBER 7, 1863 –Skirmish near Jacinto (or Glendale), Miss.  
1 Brig. Gen. Eugene A. Carr, U. S. Army. 651
2 Brig.Gen. Samuel W. Ferguson, C. S. Army. 651
  SEPTEMBER 11–16, 1863 –Expedition from Corinth, Miss., to Henderson, Tenn., with Skirmishes at Clark´s Creek Church (13th) and near Henderson (14th). 652
  SEPTEMBER 11–16, 1863 –Expedition from La Grange to Toone´s Station, Tenn., with Skirmish (16th) at Montezuma. 653
  SEPTEMBER 19–25, 1883.–Expedition from Fort Pillow to Jackson, Tenn 655
  SEPTEMBER 20–30, 1863 –Expedition from Paducah., Ky., to McLemoresville, Tenn. 656
  SEPTEMBER 22–30, 1863 –Transferr of the First, Second, and Fourth Divisions, Fifteenth Army Corps, from Vicksburg, Miss., to Chattanooga, Tenn. 658
  SEPTEMBER 26, 1863 –Skirmish near Winchester, Tenn 659
  SEPTEMBER 26, 1863 –Skirmish at Hunt´s Mill, near Larkinsville, Ala. 659
  SEPTEMBER 27, 1863 –Skirmish at Locke´s Mill, near Moscow, Tenn. 660
  SEPTEMBER 27–OCTOBER 1, 1863 –Expedition from Messinger´s Ford, Big Black River, to Yazoo City, Miss., with Skirmishes at Brownsville (September 28), and .Moore´s Ford, near Benton (September 29). 662
  SEPTEMBER 27–OCTOBER 1, 1863 .–Expedition from Corinth, Miss., into West Tennessee, with Skirmish at Swallow Bluffs, Tenn. (September 30).
  SEPTEMBER 30–OCTOBER 17, l863.–Wheeler and Roddey´s Raid on Rosecran´s Communications.  
Summary of Principal Events 663
1 Maj. Gen. George H. Thomas, U. S. Army, commanding Department of the Cumberland. 664
2 Brig. Gen. David S. Stanley, U. S. Army, Chief of Cavalry. 667
3 Brig. Gen. Robert B. Mitchell, U. S . .Army, Chief of Cavalry. 669
4 Col. Edward M. McCook, Second Indiana Cavalry, commanding First Cavalry Division. 675
5 Col. Archibald P. Campbell, Fourth Michigan Cavalry, Commanding First Brigade. 677
6 Maj. Leonidas S. Scranton, Second Michigan Cavalry. 678
7 Lieut. Col. Roswell M. Russell, Ninth Pennsylvania Cavalry. 679
8 Lieut. Col. James P. Brownlow, First Tennessee Cavalry. 680
9 Maj. David A. Briggs, Second Indiana Cavalry, Second Brigade. 681
10 Maj. George H. Purdy, Fourth Indiana Cavalry. 682
11 Col. Oscar H. La Grange, First Wisconsin Cavalry. 682
12 Brig. Gen. George Crook, U. S. Army, commanding Second Cavalry Division. 684
13 Col. William W. Lowe, Fifth Iowa Cavalry, commanding First ·and Third Brigades. 688
14 Col. Eli Long, Fourth Ohio Cavalry, commanding Second Brigade. 690
15 Col. Abram O. Miller, Seventy–second Indiana (mounted) Infantry, Commanding Wilder´s brigade of mounted infantry. 692
16 Col. William J. Palmer, Fifteenth Pennsylvania Cavalry (unattached) 696
17 Col. John Coburn, Thirty–third Indiana Infantry, commanding Third Brigade, First Division, Reserve Corps. 697
18 Brig. Gen. William T. Ward, U. S. Army, commanding Second Brigade, Third Division. 700
19 Samuel W. Price, Twenty–first Kentucky Infantry. 703
20 Lieut. Frank D. Baldwin, Nineteenth Michigan Infantry. 706
21 Maj. Michael L. Patterson, Fourth Tennessee Infantry. 707
22 Lieut. Col. George W. Grummond, Fourteenth Michigan Infantry. 712
23 Maj. Gen. Joseph Hooker, U. S. Army, commanding Eleventh and Twelfth Army Corps. 712
24 Maj. Gen. Daniel Butterfield, U. S. ·Army, commanding Twelfth Army Corps and detachments. 713
25 Capt. Robert H. Hall, Tenth U. S. Infantry, Aide–de–Camp. 719
26 Temple Clark, Acting Aide–de–Camp. 721
27 Brig. Gen. Thomas H. Ruger, U. S. Army, commanding Third Brigade, First Division, Twelfth Army Corps. 722
28 Maj. Gen. Joseph Wheeler, C. S. Army, commanding Cavalry Corps, Army of Tennessee. 722
29 Col. George B. Hodge, C. S. Army, commanding Cavalry Brigade. 726
30 Brig. Gen. Philip D. Roddey, C. S. Army, commanding Cavalry Brigade. 728
  October 4–17, 1863 – Chalmers´ Raid in West Tennessee and North Mississippi.  
Summary of Principal Events 730
1 Maj. Gen. William T. Sherman, U. S. Army, commanding Fifteenth Army Corps. 731
2 Maj. Gen. Stephen A. Hurlbut, U. S. Army, commanding Sixteenth Army Corps. 733
3 Brig. Gen. Eugene A. Carr, U. S. Army, commanding Left Wing. 735
4 Brig. Gen. Thomas W. Sweeny, U. S. Army, commanding Second Division. 735
5 Col. Edward Hatch, Second Iowa Cavalry, commanding Cavalry Division. 739
6 Col. La Fayette McCrillis, Third Illinois Cavalry, commanding Second Brigade. 743
7 Lieut. Col. Jesse J. Phillips, Ninth Illinois (mounted) Infantry. 747
8 Capt. Elijah T. Phillips, Sixth Illinois Cavalry. 748
9 Lieut. Richard K. Randolph, Twelfth Illinois Infantry, Aide–de–Camp. 748
10 Lieut. Col. George W. Trafton, Seventh Illinois Cavalry. 748
11 Maj. Ira R. Gifford, Ninth Illinois Cavalry. 749
12 Col. De Witt C. Anthony, Sixty–sixth Indiana Infantry. 751
13 Capt. Charles C. Smith, Thirteenth U. S. Infantry. 754
14 General Joseph E. Johnston, C. s. Army. 755
15 Col. Benjamin S. Ewell, C. S. Army, Assistant Adjutant–General. 756
16 Brig. Gen. James R. Chalmers, C. S. Army, commanding expedition. 757
17 Col. John McGuirk, Third Mississippi State Cavalry. 763
18 Lieut. Col. James A. Barksdale, Third Mississippi State Cavalry. 768
19 Lieut. Col. L. B. Hovis, First Mississippi Partisan Rangers. 772
20 Capt. H. L. Duncan, First Mississippi Partisan Rangers. 773
21 Lieut. Col. W. L. Duckworth, Seventh Tennessee Cavalry. 774
22 Lieut. Col. Robert A. McCulloch, Second Missouri Cavalry. 777
23 Lieut. David A. Richards, McLendon´s (Mississippi) battery. 779
24 Col. R. V. Richardson, Twelfth Tennessee Cavalry, commanding brigade. 780
25 Lieut. Col. James U. Green, Twelfth Tennessee Cavalry. 789
26 Col. James J. Neely, Thirteenth Tennessee Cavalry. 792
27 Col. James Z. George, Fifth Mississippi Cavalry. 793
28 Lieut. H. C. Holt, Buckner (Mississippi) Battery. 794
  October 5, 1863 — Transfer of the Second Division, Seventeenth Army Corps, from Memphis to Chattanooga, Tenn. 796
  October 10, 1863 — Skirmish at Ingraham´s Plantation, near Port Gibson, Miss.  
1 Maj. Gen. James B. McPherson, U.S. Army, commanding Seventeenth Army Corps. 797
2 Maj. Harry E. Eastman, Second Wisconsin Cavalry. 797
  October 10 – 11, 1863 — Expedition from Memphis, Tenn., to Hernando, Miss., with Skirmish (11th) near Hernando. 800
  October 10 – 14, 1863 — Expedition from Gallatin to Carthage, Tenn., with Skirmish (10th) near Hartsville. 801
  October 14–20, 1863 — Expedition from Messinger´s Ferry, on the Big Black River toward Canton, Miss.  
Summary of Principal Events 802
1 Maj. Gen. James B. McPherson, U. S. Army, commanding expedition. 802
2 Itinerary of the Third Division, Fifteenth .Army Corps, for October, 1863. 807
3 Itinerary of the Third Division, Seventeenth Army Corps, for October, 1863. 808
4 Col. Edward F. Winslow, Fourth Iowa Cavalry, commanding Cavalry Forces, Fifteenth Army Corps. 809
5 Maj. Gen. William W. Loring, C. S. Army. 811
6 Brig. Gen. William H. Jackson, C. S. Army. 813
7 Brig. Gen. John W. Whitfield, C. S. Army. 815
8 Col. John L. Logan, Eleventh .Arkansas Infantry, commanding brigade. 816
Appendix 819
Alternate Designations of Organization Mentioned in this Volume 823
Index 837


Official Records Index to Volume XXX, Chapter XLII, Operations in Kentucky, Southwest Virginia, Tennessee, Mississippi, North Alabama, and North Georgia August 11-October 19, 1863.
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