Bryan County (015)

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Bryan County was created on Feb. 19, 1793.

The county seat is in Pembroke, GA.,
and the county is 454.5 Square Miles in area.

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  FIPS Code: 13029

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There are 56 Historic Markers in Bryan County.

Blue Star Memorial   -   GCG 
  in J.F. Gregory City Park off of Cedar St, Richmond Hill, GA. WME2DJ    P*

Blue Star Memorial Highway   -   GCG 
  Hwy 280, Pembroke, GA WM1PC8      

Bryan County   -   GHM 015-1
  Courthouse in Pembroke WM1PCJ    P*

Bryan County   -   NSCD 
  Courthouse in Pembroke WM1PCF    P*

Bryan Neck Missionary Baptist Church   -    
  Located in front of the church at 16525 Bryan Neck Rd (SR 144), Richmond Hill, GA WME353    P*

Bryan Neck Presbyterian Church   -   GHS 15-1
  7236 Belfast Keller Rd, 8 miles E of Richmond Hill on Ga. 144, then right on Belfast-Keller Rd. WM1R0J    P*

Burnt Church Cemetery   -    
  at the cemetery on Bryan Neck Rd. (GA 144), Richmond Hill, GA. WME357    P*

C.S.S. Nashville   -   GHC 
  at the Fort McAllister parking lot, near visitor center for the state park. WM1QZ9   

Canaan Church   -    
  10872 Henry Ford Avenue at Pinecrest Ave, Richmond Hill   

Capt. John McCrady   -   GHC 
  At Fort McAllister WM1QZ5    P*

Capt. Nicholas Clinch   -   GHC 
  At Fort McAllister WM1QZ8    P*

Cheeves' Rice Mill   -   GHC 
  At Fort McAllister WM1R08    P*

Columbiad   -   GHC 
  At Fort McAllister WM1QZY    P*

Community House   -    
  In front of the Carter Funeral Home at 10512 Ford Avenue (GA 144) in Richmond Hill, GA. WME2FZ    P*

Confederate Land Mines   -   GHC 
  At Fort McAllister WM1QZE    P*

Courthouse Annex   -    
  at the intersection of Henry Ford Avenue (Georgia Route 144) and Ellis Drive, Richmond Hill, GA   

Damage From Naval Bombardments   -   GHC 
  At Fort McAllister WM1R0B    P*

Dead Town of Hardwicke   -   GHM 015-8
  US 17/Ga 25 at Ga 144 WM1NY0 P*

Destruction of the C.S.S. Nashville   -   GHC 
  At Fort McAllister WM1QZ1   

Ford Plantation Commissary --

Fort Argyle   -   GHM 015-9
  Ga 144, 4.2 miles west of junction with US 17 WME2NA    P*

Fort McAllister - 1864 - Not Standing   -   ACH 015-91
  Located on US 17.   

Fort McAllister The Assault From The Rear   -   GHM 015-3
  At Fort McAllister WME1ND    P*

Fort McAllister The Naval Bombardments   -   GHM 015-4
  At Fort McAllister WME23C    P*

Fort McAllister-10 mi.   -   GHM 015-6
  US 17 at junction with Ga 144, Richmond Hill WM1NY1 P*

Fort McAllister-4.5 mi.   -   GHM 015-5A
  Intersection of Ga 144 and Ga 144 Spur, 5.4 mi E of US 17 WM94V9    P*

George W. McAllister   -    
  Rear of Burnt Church Cemetery, GA 144, Richmond Hill, GA   

George Washington Carver School   -    
  on Bryan Neck Road (Georgia Route 144), Richmond Hill, GA   

Guale Village at Seven-Mile Bend   -    
  Fort McAllister near entrance at Ogeechee River   

Hardwicke   -   DAC 
  On Ga 144 Spur, 2.1 miles north of Ga 144 WM1QYV    P*

Hazen's Division At The Canoochee River   -   GHM 015-12
  Ga 144, 4.2 miles west of junction with US 17 WM1QYT    P*

Henry Ford at Richmond Hill   -    
  Located at the Richmond Hill City Hall on Cedar St, Richmond Hill, GA. WME36M    P*

Hot Shot Furnace   -   GHC 
  At Fort McAllister WM1QZG    P*

J.F. Gregory   -    
  at the Richmond Hill Zoning Building on Cedar St, Richmond Hill, GA. WME36C    P*

Jencks Bridge   -   GHM 015-10
  US 80 at the Ogeechee River WM3ECC    P*

Kilpatrick on Bryan Neck   -   GHM 015-13
  Intersection of Ga 144 and Ga 144 Spur, 5.4 mi E of US 17 WM94VB    P*

kindergarten Building   -    
  at the intersection of Henry Ford Avenue (Georgia Route 144) and Timber Trail,, Richmond Hill, GA.   

Lost Town of Hardwick - 1755 - Not Standing   -   ACH 015-92
  Located on US 17.   

Machinery From the C.S.S. Nashville   -   GHC 
  At Fort McAllister WM1QZ2   

Major Gallie's Gun   -   GHC 
  At Fort McAllister WM1R05    P*

Major John B. Gallie   -   GHC 
  At Fort McAllister WM1QZC    P*

Martha-Mary Chapel   -    
  In front of the Saint Anne’s Catholic Church at 10550 Ford Ave (GA 144) in Richmond Hill, GA. WME2FV    P*

Obstruction of River   -   GHC 
  At Fort McAllister WM1R0C   

Old City Jail   -    
  Marker is at the intersection of W. Gibson St. and S. College St., Pembroke, GA   

Old River Road   -   GHM 015-5B
  Junction of US 80 and US 280 [Marker incorrectly numbered 015-B5] WM3ECB   

On this bank of the Ogeechee River - Not Standing   -   ACH 015-90
  Located on US 17.   

Position of the Monitors   -   GHC 
  At Fort McAllister WM1R0G    P*

Rice Cultivation on the Ogeechee   -    
  Walking trail at City Center in J. F. Gregory Park, Richmond Hill, GA. Off parking lot at the end of Cedar Street   

Richard J. Arnold   -    
  GA 144 Spur at Whitehall Lane, Richmond Hill, GA.   

Sherman's Right Wing   -   GHM 015-11
  US 280/Ga 30 at Black Creek Church Rd, 3.6 miles W of US 80 WM3ECG    P*

Sinking of the CSS 'Nashville (Rattlesnake)'   -   GHM 015-7
  At Fort McAllister WME1XD    P*

The "Bottom" Village   -    
  Mimosa St at Henry Ford Ave (GA 144), Richmond Hill, GA   

The Clay Family of Bryan Neck   -    
  Rear of Burnt Church Cemetery, GA 144, Richmond Hill, GA   

The Final Assault --
  -   GHC 
  At Fort McAllister      

Tom Cat   -   GHC 
  At Fort McAllister WM1QZ9   

Ways Station   -    
  at the stage/performance area in Station XChange, a shopping center on Henry Ford Avenue (Georgia Route 144) Richmond Hill, GA.   


M  - The marker is missing.
P  - There is a picture of the marker on the detail page.
P* - There is a picture of the marker on the detail page and I have personally visited this marker.
R  - The marker has been removed.

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