Columbia County (036)

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Columbia County was created on Feb. 10, 1790.

The county seat is in Appling, GA.,
and the county is 307.8 Square Miles in area.

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  FIPS Code: 13073

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There are 10 Historic Markers in Columbia County.

Basil Neal Soldier of '76   -   GHM 036-2
  Ga 150 1 mile east of Winfield WM6T48   

Columbia County   -   GHM 036-4
  Courthouse in Appling WM514N   

Damascus Baptist Church   -   GHM 036-6
  Ridge Road 1 mile NE of Ga 104 at Leah WM6T4A   

Famous Indian Trail   -   GHM 036-1
  US 278 in Harlem, GA WM28Q      

First Baptist Church in Georgia   -   GHM 036-7
  US 221 at Washington Road, at Greenbrier Creek WMKP5Y   

Oliver Norvell Hardy   -   GHM 036-9
  At Police Station in Harlem, GA (on US 221) WM3MM5   

Paul Hamilton Hayne   -   GHS 36-1
  Grovetown Museum, 106 W. Robinson Ave., Grovetown WM6T4H   

Sharon Baptist Church   -   GHM 036-5
  Ga 150 at Winfield WM6RYN   

Shiloh Methodist Church   -   GHM 036-3
  Ga 150 about 1 mile west of Winfield at Cobbham WM6RYX   

William Few Signer of the U.S. Constitution   -   GHM 094-8
  Ga 150 at Winfield WMA170   


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