Historic Markers Across Georgia

Old State Bank

Marker ID: GHM 005-9
Location: E Greene and S Wilkinson Sts, Milledgeville, GA
County: Baldwin
Style: Free Standing **
Status: The marker has been removed.
Waymark: None


Old State Bank

Built in 1818 as a branch of the Bank of Darien, this building has served various purposes. The Masonic Lodge occupied part of the building in 1825 when it entertained General Lafayette in one of its rooms. A newspaper, “The Southern Recorder”, organized in 1820, was housed here in its early years. It was the meeting place of the legislative committee which drew up the Ordinance of Succession 1861. It is also been used as a private school conducted by Miss Kate Davison. Subsequently, it became a barracks for the G.M.C. cadets and later a hotel.