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Inside the Star Fort

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Location: Located inside the Star Fort at the Allatoona Pass Battlefield on Old Allatoona Rd, Allatoona, GA.
County: Bartow
Coordinates: N 34° 06.915    W 084° 42.995
  34.11525    -84.71658333
Style: Interpretative Sign **
Waymark: WM93PF
Inside the Star Fort Marker  


Inside the Star Fort

The "Star Fort" was constructed 6-foot high earthworks or parapets, with a 6-foot deep trench completely surrounding the fort. The earthen walls were topped with interlacing railroad ties forming a multi-pointed star, giving the fort its Star Fort". This wartime photo was taken from the same position as this marker and shows the sally port, the only opening through which artillery, supplies, and troops could pass.

Approximately 700 federals took refuge inside these walls during the Confederate assault. unable to capture this position, Confederates surrounded star fort on three sides and poured continuous musket fire over the walls and through the gun embrasure openings. Federal losses mounted alarmingly as sharpshooters found their targets inside the crowded fort. While peeking over the wall at the enemy position, general Corse was wounded by a bullet across his cheek and ear. Following the battle, 192 bullet holes were counted in the American flag that had flown inside the Star Fort.

" … they [Federals] were pent up inside in such number that they lay on one another, sat on each other, stood on others dead or alive, praying for relief." General Samuel French, CSA

"from a distance not exceeding one hundred yards …they [Confederates] kept the air over the fort and rifle pits literally full of bullets all the time. For a full three hours, no man could expose any part of his body of the above the fort or rifle pits for the space of ten seconds without extreme danger of being killed or wounded." Harvey M. Trimble, 93rd Illinois Regiment

Help us to preserve our history -- please do not walk on the earthworks or trenches.

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Inside the Star Fort