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Allatoona Mountain Range

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Location: Located at the Allatoona Pass Battlefield on Old Allatoona Rd, Allatoona, GA.
County: Bartow
Coordinates: N 34° 06.939    W 084° 42.851
  34.11565    -84.71418333
Style: Interpretative Sign **
Waymark: WM942J
Allatoona Mountain Range Marker  


The Allatoona Mountain range is the southernmost spur of Appalachian Mountain. Years before the war, Lieutenant William T. Sherman spent time surveying this area for the U.S. Army; therefore, he understood the formidable military defense these mountains provided. In May of 1864 while the Union Army advanced towards Atlanta, General Sherman chose not to attack the Confederate defense positions here.

"I knew the strength of Altoona Pass, having ridden through it several years ago, and knew it would reduce our strength … I determined not to attempt it but to pass the range by other more devious and difficult natural roads that would admit of more equal terms with the enemy shall he attempt to meet us."
Maj. Gen. William T. Sherman´s official report

The scenery is wild and beautiful, hill, valley and ravine intersecting. The view from the hill extends for a distance of twenty-five miles … half a mile away, Allatoona Creek sparkling in the sun, winds its way across the deep valley. "A history of the 4th Regiment of Minnesota infantry volunteers during the great rebellion, 1861 -- 1865."

When the Confederates withdrew from this area and retreated south, Sherman ordered that Allatoona Pass be fortified to protect the Western & Atlantic Railroad, which would supply his army as it continued southward towards Atlanta. Design by his chief of engineers, Orlando M. Poe, the fortifications consisted of large earth forts on either side of the railroad cut and an elaborate set of connecting trenches and readouts.

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Allatoona Mountain Range