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The Eastern Redoubt

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Location: Located at the eastern redoubt at the Allatoona Pass Battlefield on Old Allatoona Rd, Allatoona, GA.
County: Bartow
Coordinates: N 34° 06.999    W 084° 42.854
  34.11665    -84.71423333
Style: Interpretative Sign **
Waymark: WM942B
The Eastern Redoubt Marker  


The Eastern Redoubt

The eastern redoubt was constructed with six-foot tall earth parent and a six-foot deep ditch surrounding the fort on all sides. Gun embrasures allowed cannon to be fired at the enemy from this defensive position. Under the command of Lieutenant Colonel John E. Tourtellotte, the redoubt was manned by the 4th Minnesota Regiment, two companies at the 57th Illinois Regiment, a detachment of 15 men in the 5th Ohio Cavalry, and equipped with two 3 inch Ordnance Rifles and one 12 lb Napoleon cannon from the 12th Wisconsin Artillery Battery.

Lieutenant Colonel Tourtellotte at was wounded during the battle. Artillery commander Lieutenant Marcus Amsden, also inside this redoubt, was wounded in the knee and later died from complications.

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