Historic Markers Across Georgia

Etowah - Moved

Marker ID: WPA US 41 D-13
Location: US 41 S of Cartersville at old overlook
County: Bartow
Style: Free Standing **
Status: The marking is missing.
Waymark: None
Etowah - Moved Marker  


Four miles east, in the gorge of the Etowah River, are the picturesque ruins of the once flourishing town on Etowah, developed by Mark Cooper around his iron furnace and rolling mill. The furnace was built in 1844, following one built in 1837 on Stamp Creek. Later five others operated nearby.

In 1864, Etowah reached its peak with 2,000 inhabitants, iron furnace, foundry, and rolling mill, flour mill, corn mills an saw mills, and was destroyed for its munitions importance by Sherman's Army.


Moved to Ga Hyw 293 and Old River Rd., Cartersville, GA.