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The Dunlap House

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Location: Ocmulgee National Park Rd 0.2 miles south of Emery Hwy, Macon, GA
County: Bibb
Coordinates: N 32° 50.482    W 083° 36.127
  32.84136666    -83.60211666
Style: Interpretative Sign **
Waymark: None


The Dunlap House

In 1856, Samuel S. Dunlap constructed this house as part of his 400-acre cotton plantation. The plantation was operated by nineteen slaves who lived in three cabins. The Dunlap family also owned a home on High Street in the city of Macon. On July 30, 1864, the Dunlap house was occupied by Union troops during the Battle of Dunlap Hill, part of Stoneman's Raid. After the war, Captain Dunlap turned the plantation into a dairy farm.

Samuel and his wife, Mary, had seven children. The couple's oldest child, John Lee, died at age seven. After his death, the couple had five daughters, all of whom attended Wesleyan College. The Dunlap's last child was a son who they named Samuel Junior. The Dunlap children had no children of their own, so the Dunlap name did not carry on with their family. In 1902, Samuel S. Dunlap died at the age of 72 at his house on High Street. He is buried at Rose Hill Cemetery along with his family members.

In the late 1930's the house served as an office for the National Park Service staff. In 1940, the office was moved into the new administration building and the house was converted into the Superintendent's residence. In the early 1950's the house was remodeled to its present appearance. Today, the house is still used as residence for park staff, and is one of the oldest houses in Macon.



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