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Richard J. Arnold

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Location: GA 144 Spur at Whitehall Lane, Richmond Hill, GA.
County: Bryan
Coordinates: N 31° 53.15    W 081° 15.15
  31.88583333    -81.2525
Style: Free Standing **
Waymark: None
Richard J. Arnold Marker
Photo by David Seibert


Richard James Arnold (1796-1873) acquired nearby White Hall Plantation through his marriage in 1823 to Louisa Gindrat. A Rhode Island native, Arnold invested heavily in White Hall for the cultivation of cotton and in his Cherry Hill and Mulberry tracts further up the Ogeechee River on which he became the most prosperous rice planter in the region. By 1860 Arnold was the largest landowner in Bryan County, with over 15,000 acres and 195 slaves. Arnold was an innovative planter, regarded as being well advanced for his times in terms of his business concepts, his application of scientific principles to his agricultural methods and techniques and his philosophy of plantation and slave management.

Richard J. Arnold
Photo by David Seibert


Erected 2012 by Coastal Bryan Heritage Trail

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