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Nevils Station & Shearwood Railroad

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Location: on Nevils-Groveland Road (County 584) at the intersection with Nevils-Denmark Rd, Nevils, GA
County: Bulloch
Coordinates: N 32° 15.927    W 081° 45.644
  32.26545    -81.76073333
Style: Free Standing **
Waymark: None
Nevils Station & Shearwood Railroad Marker
Photo by David Seibert


This is the site of the Nevils railroad station. The paved road from Denmark to Nevils is the original bed of the Shearwood Railroad that existed from 1912 to 1937. John N. Shearhouse of Brooklet and George Brinson of Stillmore owned Shearwood Lumber Company in Brooklet. They began by opening the line from Clyo to Claxton. Farmers in the Nevils area promised to pay a large sum of money to run the line through the Sinkhole District. The railroad acquired right-of-way from Jake Nevils, the first merchant in the area.

Farmers depended on the Nevils Station for shipping carloads of watermelons and receiving tons of fertilizer. Here many residents began excursions to Savannah and Tybee, after buying picnic supplies at Mr. Nevils' nearby store. The SR established a morning passenger-freight train leaving Egypt and serving Leefield, Brooklet, Denmark, Nevils, Claxton, and Hagan. Mr. Shearhouse was killed and his son seriously injured in a railroad accident in 1926. During the Great Depression of the 1930s, the railroad declined and dissolved. The tracks and equipment were removed and sold for scrap. Although the depot served as a country store after 1945, it was eventually deserted.

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Nevils Station & Shearwood Railroad
Photo by David Seiber


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