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Bellevue Plantation

Marker ID: GHM 017-18
Location: Private Property
County: Burke
Coordinates: N 32° 55.806    W 082° 1.266
  32.9301    -82.0211
Style: Free Standing **
Waymark: WM7V93
Bellevue Plantation  Marker
Photo by David Seibert


Dating from a royal grant by King George III to Samuel Eastlake in 1767, Bellvuew Plantation has been owned continuously by the Carswell family since 1833. The year in which the house was built is not known but it is believed to have been erected around the time of the original grant, the pioneer style of architecture lending support to that assumption.

During Sherman´s March to the Sea in 1864, a rear guard action occurred here between Brig. Gen. J.L. Kilpatrick´s 3rd Cavalry Division (USA) which was retreating toward Sherman´s main columns after an unsuccessful raid on Waybesboro, and Maj. Gen Joseph Wheeler´s cavalry corps (CSA) which had defeated Kilpatrick near Waynesboro. Three holes made by Minie balls fired during this action can be seen in the house. The soldiers who fell here were buried behind the residence. The Union dead remain, but the Confederates were reinterred at Waynesboro.

The old rose bush that stands across the road from the house was damaged by horse tethered to it by Union officers while their men stripped the plantation of horses and provisions, a work in which they were engaged when struck by Confederate pursuit.

GHM 017-18 Georgia Historical Commission 1961

Bellevue Plantation
Photo by David Seibert


There is no public access to this marker. Marker is on private property and THE ROADS TO THE MARKER ARE PRIVATE PROPERTY. See next paragraph for more information before attempting to visit this marker. The marker is on the abandoned old alignment for Porter Carswell Road, on the right side when traveling south, just south of the intersection with the abandoned alignment of Bellevue Plantation Road and the abandoned old alignment of Middleground Road. Road abandonment has been verified with the Burke County Department of Roads and Bridges. —Ed (from hmdb.org).

IMPORTANT. You must seek permission from the property owner before driving on Bellevue Plantation Road west of Porter Carswell Road as this is a private road. The portion of Middleground Road approaching the marker from the northwest is also a private road and the same permission is required. The property owner has written to the Historical Marker Database to assert that he will seek prosecution for trespassing for any person found on his private roads. We cannot provide contact information for the owner; you should inquire in town. Marker is in this post office area: Waynesboro GA 30830, United States of America.