Historic Markers Across Georgia

Burnt Fort

Marker ID: GHM 020-7
Location: Ga 252 at Burnt Fort Station (Scrapped in 1958)
County: Camden
Status: The marking is missing.
Waymark: None


´Public works´ including a blockhouse erected at Burnt Fort Station on Satilla river opposite old town of New Hanover which became known as Burnt fort.

Built by order of Capt. John F. Randolph of Camden County in 1793 for the protection of the county against raids of the Creek Indians.

In 1794 a troop of Military Dragoons of Camden County was stationed here under the command of Capt. John F. Randolph in the service of the united States.

GHM 020-7 Georgia Historical Commission 1953


The marker was scrapped in 1958.