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The cost of Chickamauga

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Location: On Alexander Bridge Rd, north of Brotherton Rd.
County: Catoosa
Coordinates: N 34° 55.516    W 085° 14.869
  34.92526666    -85.24781666
Style: Interpretative Sign **
Waymark: WMA8GQ
The cost of Chickamauga Marker  


The cost of Chickamauga
More than 4000 soldiers lost their lives at Chickamauga

The short path ahead leads to the grave of a loan Confederate. Pvt. John Andrew Ingraham was a local man, one of many who join the Confederate Army. He was killed at midday on September 19 in heavy fighting that claimed the lives of more than 2600 other Confederates. After the battle, friends searched for him, found his body, and buried it here.

Chickamauga was by far the bloodiest battle west of the Appalachian Mountains. Of the 124,000 men engaged, 30% were listed as casualties,. The number killed, wounded, or reported missing in actions exceeded 37,000. The scope of the tragedy is difficult to comprehend.

Confederate dead were buried in mass graves on the battlefield, but were later moved. Many of the Union dead lay on the ground for three months until Union troops recaptured the area and remove the bodies to what would later become a National Cemetery in Chattanooga.

Casualties at Chickamauga

Grave of Confederate. Pvt. John Andrew Ingraham
The cost of Chickamauga