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Glass's Mill Battle Site

Marker ID: CHT 12
Location: on Glass Mill Rd north of Old Bethel Rd, Chickamauga, GA.
County: Catoosa
Coordinates: N 34° 51.234    W 085° 16.456
  34.8539    -85.27426666
Style: Interpretative Sign **
Waymark: WMARH9
Glass's Mill Battle Site Marker  


Glass's Mill was a multi-story frame structure that stood on the southeastern bank of West Chickamauga Creek about two miles from Crawfish Spring, providing the grain grinding needs for a number of families living in the surrounding area. Glass's Mill ford, located a short distance downstream from the mill, was one of the major crossing places on the creek, and the road was heavily traveled.

"At daylight of the 18th," Confederate division commander Major-General John C. Breckinridge, in D. H. Hill's Corps, wrote, "my command moved from Catlett's Gap and that neighborhood in the Pigeon Mountain, and the same afternoon took position on the east bank of the Chickamauga, near Glass's Mill."

On the west side of the creek, at 2:00 A.M. on September 19th General John Beatty's Brigade relieved Colonel Grose. At daylight the skirmishers of Helm's Brigade of Breckinridge's Division advanced from Glass's Mill and engaged the skirmishers of Beatty's Brigade midway between the lines. Soon after five pieces of Cobb's and next four pieces of Slocomb's Battery of that brigade, supported by his infantry, took position on the west side of the creek near the mill. The batteries opened fire and were responded to by Bridges' Battery on this line, soon reinforced by three pieces from Battery M, 1st Ohio, of Stanley's Brigade of Negley's Division. The fighting was confined to the batteries and the skirmishers, and continued aj)out three hours, when Helm's Brigade was withdrawn to the east bank of the creek and marched towards the Confederate right. About 5 o'clock p.m. Beatty's Brigade was withdrawn to Crawfish Spring to join the rest of Negley's Division.

There was some brief activity near Glass's Mill on the following day, September 20. General George Crook, with the Cavalry Corps, reported that: "At this point [Crawfish Spring] I found General Mitchell, who ordered me to take post at once in front of the fords of the Chickamauga and hold that point at all hazards. The only point I could occupy was a thick, rocky woods with heavy underbrush. The enemy were already across the river occupying a very strong position. About 11 o'clock I was attacked by Hindman's Division of infantry, a battalion of sharpshooters, and a large body of cavalry. They drove us back steadily, contesting every inch of ground, about 200 yards, where we held our ground. At this time I received an order from General Mitchell to fall back to the hospital, 1 miles distant."

Glass's Mill continued to function for many years. When Chickamauga and Chattanooga National Military Park was created in 1890, the veterans identified the road from Crawfish Spring to Glass's Mill as one of the important approaches to the battlefield. The Park Commission purchased the right-of-way of the road, maintained it, and erected one or more cast-iron tablets to commemorate the role of the forces engaged at Glass's Mill. At some point, probably in the 1930's, ownership and control of the approach road was returned to Walker County.

After the war, whenever veterans got together, there was much talk of great artillery duels. Many would speak of General Thomas' battle line of cannons at Chickamauga. But in fact, the only real artillery duel of the battle took place at Glass's Mill.

"On Saturday, the 19th, at 9 a.m.," Captain Robert Cobb, commanding Cobb's Kentucky Battery, stated: "I was ordered by General Helm to send one 12-pounder Napoleon gun and one 12-pounder howitzer across the ford at Glass's Mill to the line of skirmishers in front of the Second and Sixth Kentucky regiments. Arrived there, I was ordered by General Helm to open fire upon a house in an open field, distant 500 yards, for the purpose of dislodging a party of the enemy's skirmishers. The first fire was promptly responded to by a battery of the enemy posted to the right and rear of the house, and distant about 900 yards. After firing 5 rounds, my pieces were withdrawn to cover, when the enemy fire also ceased. I was then ordered to bring up the remaining three Napoleon guns and to cooperate with Capt. C. H. Slocomb, also ordered up with his battery, in an effort to drive the enemy's battery from its position ¨. A few rounds ¨. from the two batteries sufficed to silence the enemy's guns."

"On the morning of the 19th," General John C. Breckinridge later recalled," Slocomb, with four guns, Cobb with two, and the remainder of Helm's brigade were moved across Glass' Ford to ascertain the position of the enemy, while the two rifled pieces of Slocomb's battery, under Lieutenant Vaught, took position on a bluff upon the east side of the stream. An artillery engagement ensued, much to our advantage, until the enemy, who occupied the better position, brought forward a number of heavy guns and showed the greater weight of metal"

Major-General James Negley, commander of the second division of General Thomas' 14th Army Corps of the Army of the Cumberland, wrote: "Very early in the morning [of the 19th] the enemy advanced a heavy line of skirmishers upon Beatty's front, which was a very exposed position, engaging his pickets sharply for some hours. [At] 11:30 the enemy advanced in force, planting two batteries within 400 yards of Beatty's position, which was followed by a fierce cannonading, during which Bridges' Battery, of Beatty's brigade, sustained a loss in men and horses. A part of Beatty's line was gradually driven back (but soon reestablished), I sent one regiment (Eighteenth Ohio Volunteers) and a section of Schultz's Battery, of Stanley's brigade, to his support. 12:30 p.m. Beatty repulsed the enemy."

Maps shown are by Sanford C. Kellog. [Maps not reproduced here - see Chickamauga Heritage Trail web site.]

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Chickamauga Campaign Heritage Trail - Glass's Mill Battle Site


Glass's Mill Battle Site


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