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Trader's Hill (Fort Alert) 2 mi.

Marker ID: GHM 024-9
Location: a 23 about 3 mi SW of Folkston at road to Traders Hill
County: Charlton
Coordinates: N 30° 47.784    W 082° 2.13
  30.7964    -82.0355
Style: Free Standing **
Waymark: WM37HT
Trader's Hill (Fort Alert) 2 mi. Marker
Photo by Marine Biologist


<--- 2 mi. ---

About two miles East, on this Road, is the site of ´Fort Alert, usually called Trade´s Hill.´ Established in the 18th century, and defended by a stockade garrisoned by U.S. Troops, Trader´s Hill was a refuge for settlers during the Indian Wars. At the head of navigation on the St. Marys River, it was also one of the most important trading centers in the Southeast. In 1854, it became the County Site of Charlton County, and served in this capacity until 1901. The Methodist Church on the site of the old town is ne of the oldest in this County, and in the cemetery adjacent are buried many of the pioneers of the region.

GHM 024-9 Georgia Historical Commission 1958

Trader's Hill (Fort Alert) 2 mi.
Photo by Marine Biologist