Historic Markers Across Georgia

Dwight David Eisenhower (Side 2)

Marker ID: HCC 
Location: Austin Loop and Vibbert Avenue, Fort Benning
County: Chattahoochee
Coordinates: N 32° 22.097    W 084° 57.484
  32.368283    -84.95806
Waymark: WMNJHW
Dwight David Eisenhower (Side 2) Marker
Photo by Markerman


October 14, 1890-March 28, 1969
By 1918, Eisenhower was a lieutenant colonel battalion commander, but two years later as a captain, in a small peace-time Army, he nearly go out when not selected to attend the Infantry Officer´s Course. He did attend Command and General Staff School, and was first in his class. During WWII, he commanded the Allied invasion of North Africa, the Italian Campaign, and all Allied expeditionary forces during the June 6, 1944 Normandy Invasion. After the war, he served as Chief of Staff of the Army and Supreme Commander of NATO. He was inaugurated as President in 1953, and served two terms. He died in Walter Reed Army Medical Center, March 28, 1969.

Erected by the AUSA and the Historic Chattahoochee Commission, 1990.