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Smyrna-Ruff's Mill Confederate Line

Marker ID: GHM 033-76
Location: Concord Road and Old Concord Road
County: Cobb
Coordinates: N 33° 52.246    W 084° 32.159
  33.870758    -84.535986
  The coordinates have been estimated
based on the location of the marker.
Style: Free Standing **
Waymark: None
Smyrna-Ruff's Mill Confederate Line Marker
Photo by Todd Massar


July 3, 1864. Johnston´s army, retreating from Kennesaw, took position in a double line of breastworks, prepared in advance, along this rd. -- the right, E. of the State R.R.; the left at Nickajack Cr., S. of Ruff´s Mill. From right to left were: Lorings [sic], Hardee´s & Hood´s corps [CS].

July 4. Federal forces attacked both ends of line: at Smyrna & near Ruff´s Mill. Johnston withdrew S. to the Chattahoochee that night.

July 6. Schofield´s 23 A.C. [US] marched from Sandtown Rd. via this rd., to the mouth of Soap Cr., where his passage of the river there, caused Johnston´s retreat to the Fulton County side.


Smyrna-Ruff's Mill Confederate Line
Photo by Tim Walleker