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Locomotive "General"

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Location: in the pocket park at the corner of Main St and Chrokee St in Kennesaw, Georgia
County: Cobb
Coordinates: N 34° 01.415    W 084° 36.914
  34.02358333    -84.61523333
Style: Mounted **
Waymark: WM7W8J
Locomotive "General" Marker
Photo by Ken Moser


This Tablet Marks the Spot At Which The
Locomotive "General"

Was Captured by Andrews Raiders

Morning of April 12th, 1862.

Capt. Jas. J. Andrews , with twenty volunteers from Sill´s Brigade, Mitchell´s Corps, U.S.A. and a citizen of Kentucky, all dressed as civilians, captured the "General" at Big Shanty, April 12,1862, while the train crew and passengers were taking breakfast. The purpose of the capture was to destroy the bridges on the Western & Atlantic R.R. , and thereby cut off the Confederate Army from its base supplies. Conductor W.A. Fuller accompanied by Engineer Jeff Cain and Anthony Murphy, Foreman of the W.& A. Shops, commenced pursuit on foot. They soon secured a hand car and in spite of obstructions placed on the track by Andrews Raiders, made rapid progress. They found the engine "Yonah" at Etowah, and the pursuit then was at such a rapid pace, that serious damage to the railroad by the Raiders was impossible. The "General" was abandoned by the Raiders on account of lack of fuel and the close pursuit of Conductor Fuller and his party.

Jas.J. Andrews, Flemingsburg Ky.
M.A. Ross, 2nd. Ohio Vol. Inf.
G.D. Wilson, Co. B., - - - -
C.P. Shadrach, Co. K., - - - -
J.M. Scott, Co. F., 21st. - - -
S. Slavens, Co. E., 33rd. - - -
S. Robertson, Co., C

W.H. Campbell Citizen of Kentucky.
Were executed in Atlanta as spies.

Jno. A. Wilson, Co. C., 21st Ohio Vol. Inf.
Mark Wood, Co. C., - - - -
J.R. Porter, Co. C., - - - -
W.W. Brown, Co. F., - - - -
Wm. Knight, Co. E., - - - -
D. A. Dorsey, Co. H., 33rd - - -
Martin Hawkins, Co. A., - - - -
John Wollam, Co. C., - - - -
Escaped from prison and reached the Union Lines.

Wm. Pittenger Co. C 2nd Ohio Vol. Inf.
Jacob Parrott Co. K 33rd - - -
Wm. H. Reddick Co. B - - - -
Rob Buffum Co. H 21st - - -
Wm. Bensinger Co. G - - - -
E. H. Mason Co. K - - - -
Were exchanged from Libby Prison.

Prominent Among The Pursuers Were¨.Smith, Steve Stokely, Peter Bracken, F.Cox, A.Martin, H.Haney

Locomotive "General"
Photo by Ken Moser