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Civil War Action Around Latimer's Farm

Marker ID: Marietta Country Club 
Location: New Salem Rd. just south of Stilesboro Rd. at the Marietta Country Club
County: Cobb
Coordinates: N 33° 59.044    W 084° 37.024
  33.984066    -84.61706
Style: Free Standing **
Waymark: WM2YN7
Civil War Action Around Latimer's Farm Marker  


Nineteenth-century farmer Ruben Latimer lived a mile southwest of this spot. He, his wife Sarah, their children and eleven slaves worked a modest self-sufficient farm where they raised livestock and grew cotton, corn and other food crops. In June 1864 their lives were forever changed when Latimer´s farm became a battlefield. General Joseph Johnston´s (CSA) Army constructed a network of earthworks across Latimer´s farm in an attempt to slow the advance of General William Sherman´s (USA) Army toward Atlanta. On the morning of June 18, 1864, Federal troops attacked the earthworks occupied by the First Missouri Brigade of General F.M. Cockrell (CSA). The attack led by Colonel Frederic Bartleson (USA) 4th Army Corps during a violent thunderstorm, successfully drove the Confederates back to their main line of earthworks. Despite Confederate counterattacks and artillery barrage, the Federals were able to hold ground. The next morning General Johnston (CSA) withdrew his forces to stronger positions on Kennesaw Mountain.

The Marietta County Club commissioned a detailed archeological and historical study of the battle and the families affected by it. The Club has preserved many of the surviving earthworks and Civil War artifacts. The resulting report, "Soldiers and Citizens: Civil War Action Around Latimer´s Farm", may be found in area libraries and stands as the Marietta County Clubs´ [sic] contribution to Cobb County´s history.



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