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155 mm Howitzer M1918A3

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Location: on Cannon Rd near the visitors center in the Veterans Memorial Park, US 280 west of Cordele, GA.
County: Crisp
Coordinates: N 31° 57.557    W 083° 54.707
  31.959283    -83.91178
Style: Interpretative Sign **
Waymark: WM8WH7
155 mm Howitzer M1918A3 Marker  


At the end of World War I, the US had 2,000 French designed 155 mm Schneider howitzers of both French and American manufacture. The Schneider had a high rate of fire and was accurate. The Schneider was a proven weapon and one of the best medium howitzers of World War I.

In the 1930s the Army began modernizing the 155 mm Schneider howitzers by replacing their wooden artillery wheels with rubber and steel wheels and converting the French built versions to American standards. The modernized 155 mm M 918 howitzer was an excellent weapon and standard in the Army when World War II began. Practically all Schneider's own hand were modernized by 1942. When the now 155 mm howitzer M1 was introduced, it and the M1918 were standard until 1945. The accurate and effective M1918 saw very heavy use and North Africa, Sicily, Italy and throughout the Pacific theaters.

By the end of World War II, the elderly World War I howitzers were practically worn out. The M1 55 mm M1918 howitzers were declared obsolete in 1945 and retired.


155 mm Howitzer M1918A3


This 155 mm howitzer M1918A3 was manufactured by (??) & Foundry Co. of Erie, Pennsylvania, in 1918. This company took an order in August 1917 for 3000 howitzers and by October 1918 was producing (??) a day. The company turned out its first howitzer in February 1918. The M1917A84 carriage was produced by the French in 1917. The howitzer was remanufactured into the M1918A3 in 1941 by Rock Island Arsenal in Illinois.

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