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Parris Station

Marker ID: CHT 6
Location: on US 11, north of Sarah Chapel Rd.
County: Dade
Style: Interpretative Sign **
Waymark: None


In 1860 the railroad had been built from Chattanooga to Trenton, and work was continuing to extend the line south through the rest of Dade County and into Alabama. Parris (or Lookout) Station was a small station stop along the railroad in the northern part of Dade County. The train station seems to have also been used as a post office, since the 1860 Federal census designates this area as the "Lookout Station Postal District." The station would have consisted of a freight platform and a small office for passengers that also served as the post office. Two of the most prominent landowners in the area were Robert Parris and James Hawkins. Wartime maps show the site as "Lookout Station," or "Parris Station." Some wartime correspondence calls it "Hawkins Station." Both men probably had some connection with building the station.

At the start of the war, Captain James Cooper Nisbet marched his company from Easley's store north to the station. There they boarded a train that took them to Chattanooga, where they got rail transportation to Virginia. It is likely that Captain Hanna also used the same route to get his company of Dade County men to Virginia.

Following the Federal occupation of Whiteside, there seems to have been at least an occasional Confederate presence at the station. On November 12, 1863 General Charles Cruft reported from Bridgeport on a patrol into Lookout Valley. "Lieutenant Skinner, Ninety-second Illinois Mounted Infantry, has just returned from a mounted reconnaissance. Concurrent reports agree in fixing say three [Confederate] regiments of cavalry and from a regiment to a brigade of infantry, at or near the position last named. It is probable that the report of forces all refer to the same force which is lying somewhere in the crook covering the pass into Lookout Mountain. From this point it seems occasional scouting parties work up to Hawkins Station."

In June, 1864, General James Steedman, the commander of Federal occupation forces stationed in Chattanooga, issued the following order: "The frequent depredations committed upon the communications between Bridgeport and the army in front as well as the barbarities practiced by placing torpedoes under the track to blow up trains containing sick and wounded soldiers and citizens demand the adoption of the most stringent measures to suppress these crimes and atrocities. To this end, all citizens, except Government employees, found within 3 miles of the railroad from Bridgeport and the Federal army in Georgia, outside the picket line of any post or station of troops after the 7th day of July, 1864 will be arrested and forwarded to these headquarters as spies 'found lurking' within the lines of the armies of the United States."

All that remains of the station today is a scatter of large cut-stone foundation blocks on the site. These stones could have been disturbed somewhat by highway construction, but their location in relation to the railroad track suggests that they are likely to be in the original location.

Chickamauga Campaign Heritage Trail - Parris Station


This marker is part of the Chickamauga Campaign Heritage Trail, Army of the Cumberland site #6 - Parris Station

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