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Hutto School

Marker ID: HCC 
Location: In front of the Hutto Middle School on Martin Luther King Jr. Drive, Bainbridge, Georgia
County: Decatur
Coordinates: N 30° 54.495    W 084° 33.596
  30.90825    -84.55993333
Style: Free Standing **
Waymark: WM8KBV
Hutto School Marker
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(Side 1)The first school for former slaves in this county was established in 1869 and was known as the Whittier School and Tabernacle for Colored Children. It was on Shotwell Street and had grades 1-7. The name soon changed to Whittier Normal School since graduates were permitted to take state teacher's exams. In 1985 George Hutto became principal. The following year, after the Plessy Vs Ferguson "separate but equal" court decision the Shotwell Street building was torn down and Mr. Hutto was authorized to erect a new school at this site. At that time the name was changed to Bainbridge Colored Grade School. Mr. Hutto served as principal until his death in 1922.

(Side 2) The school was re-named in honor of Mr. Hutto and his widow Addie became principal. By her efforts a matching grant from the Rosenwald Fund was obtained to build a high school on the site. Grade 11 was added in 1928. Accreditation came in 1929 with the name Hutto High School. After 52 years of service Addie Hutto retired in 1942 and William Mann succeeded her. Grade 12 was added in 1953. Hutto High graduated its last class in 1970. Later that year Hutto High combined with Bainbridge High and this facility became Hutto Junior High. In 1990 it became Hutto Middle School.

Historic Chattahoochee Commission and the Decatur County Historical Society - 2001

Hutto School
Photo by Coinseekers


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