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The Battle of Fowltown

Marker ID: HCC 
Location: on the bluff in J. D. Chason Park, W. Jackson St, Bainbridge, GA
County: Decatur
Coordinates: N 30° 54.495    W 084° 34.757
  30.90825    -84.57928333
Style: Interpretative Sign **
Waymark: WMMA5W
The Battle of Fowltown Marker
Photo by Markerman


The Battle of Fowltown, fought just a few miles to the south of this spot, marked the beginning of the First Seminole War. Fowltown was a Seminole village led by Chief Neamathla which had been allied with the British during the War of 1812. It lay on land ceded to the United States by the defeated Creeks in the Treaty of Fort Jackson ending the Creek War. American officials demanded Fowltown's residents leave the area. Neamathla refused, asserting that his people had not participated in the Creek War and were not subject to the treaty. On November 21, 1817, General Edmund P. Gaines ordered Major David E. Twiggs, commander at nearby Fort Scott, to march on Fowltown with 250 men and capture Neamathla. A brief skirmish resulting in perhaps five Seminole casualties ensued, but Twiggs failed to capture the leader.

Gaines sent another, larger force to Fowltown under the command of Lieutenant Colonel Matthew Arbuckle's men found the town abandoned upon their arrival. As they entered the village, though, Neamathla and a few dozen warriors suddenly emerged from hiding in the nearby woods. A pitched fight raged for about twenty minutes before the outnumbered warriors were forced to retreat. Seminole losses are believed to have been about ten killed, while American forces suffered only one killed and perhaps three wounded.

A week later, on November 30, 1817, a force of several hundred Creek and Seminole warriors in reprisal attacked a U.S. supply boat headed by Lt. Richard W. Scott. In what became known as the "Scott Massacre," nearly forty men and women were killed. Federal officials ordered General Andrew Jackson to the area in the aftermath.

The Battle of Fowltown
Photo by Markerman


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