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Vansant Brothers

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Location: at the intersection of West Broad Street (Georgia Route 78) and Pray Street, 6754 West Broad Street, Douglasville, GA
County: Douglas
Coordinates: N 33° 45    W 084° 45.05
  33.75    -84.75083333
Style: Mounted **
Waymark: None


Young Vansant with his brother Rueben moved from Cowpen, S.C., to the Cherokee lands west of Atlanta in the year 1850. As the County of Douglas began to form, both brothers wished to give land for a county seat. A friendly fist duel ensued and the winner, Young Vansant, on January 9, 1871 donated to W. W. Hindman, Ordinary-elect, John C. Bowden, W. N. McGouirk and James H. Winn, the Board of Commissioners, 40 acres of land in Lots 16 and 17, with the exception of the well which is reserved for the location of a county site of said county and the erection of public buildings.

This gift of land was deeded in old Spencerian style script and recorded among the first in Douglas County (April 9, 1874), D. W. Price Recording Clerk and John G. Maxwell, N.P., signing witness.

The tract became the site of several court houses- first a framed one, then the towered traditional brick edifice eventually destroyed by fire, and now upon the same spot the present modern Douglas County Court House.

The two Vansant brothers Rueben and Young, with their wives now rest in the private family cemetery just north of the railroad on West Strickland Street