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Kolomoki Mounds State Historic Park

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Location: Mounted on wall inside the door to the museum at the Kolomoki State Park
County: Early
Coordinates: N 31° 28.081    W 085° 56.899
  31.46801666    -85.94831666
Style: Mounted **
Waymark: WMBVWN
Kolomoki Mounds State Historic Park Marker
Photo by Ken Moser


The enthusiasm for the establishment of a state park began in 1936 after Mr. R.F. Burch, Commissioner of the Georgia Department of Natural Resources, was the guest speaker at the Rotary Club of Blakely. Rotary members were told a state park would be created if Early County citizens would donate 1000 acres of land, including the Indian mounds, to the State of Georgia.

The Rotary Club was instrumental in getting donations totaling $12,000. Approximately 800 acres was purchased from Mr. D.S. Stephenson. A 215 acre tract, including the large Indian mound, was purchased from Dr. C.C. Harrold, who sold it for his recent purchase price, less a $50 donation to the park fund.

At the top of the list of donors were the Early County Board of Commissioners and the City Council of Blakely. Especially active in the promotion of the project were Messrs R.C. Howell, Sr., Sid Howell, S.G. Maddox, Sr., R.W. Howell, R.C. Singletary, Sr. and members of the Rotary Club. In March 1938, the deed was delivered to the Georgia Department of Natural Resources by Mr. George Sparks, President of the Rotary Club of Blakely, Mr. S.G. Maddox, Sr., and Early Co. Sheriff Sid Howell.

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Kolomoki Mounds State Historic Park
Photo by Ken Moser


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