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Wayfare or Cow Creek Church

Marker ID: GHM 050-2
Location: US 129 at Wayfare Rd just south of the Lanier County line
County: Echols
Coordinates: N 30° 51.365    W 083° 0.117
  30.856083    -83.00195
Style: Free Standing **
Waymark: WM9E1K
Wayfare or Cow Creek Church Marker
Photo by David Seibert


<-- 200 yd. --

About 200 yards West, on this Road, is Wayfare or Cow Creek Baptist Church. The church was constituted in 1847, and the first annual meeting was held in September of that year. The members were: John Roberts, Sr., Edmund Mathis, Harvey Mizell, Rebecca Mizell, John T. Roberts, John Mathis, James Johnson, Simon A. Blackman, Azilpha Tomlinson, Harvey Matthews, Elizabeth Register and Rachael Howell.

Because of the changes in County boundaries, this church, though never moved, has existed in three counties, first in Ware, then in Clinch and now in Echols.

GHM 050-2 Georgia Historical Commission 1958

Wayfare or Cow Creek Church
Wayfare or Cow Creek Church
Photo by David Seibert