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Williams' Div. Deployed

Marker ID: GHM 060-57
Location: Northside Dr at Tennis Center N of Overbrook Dr, Atlanta
County: Fulton
Coordinates: N 33° 48.748    W 084° 24.464
  33.812466    -84.40773
Style: Free Standing **
Waymark: WM2B9P
Williams' Div. Deployed Marker  


July 20, 1864. Williams´ div., 20th A.C., having crossed Peachtree Cr. 750 yds. N., deployed his 3 brigades - Robinson´s, Knipe´s & Ruger´s in the order named, on this ridge from this point W. This was part of a general move on Atlanta by Fed. forces - no precautions taken against attack for none was anticipated.

Geary´s div. was posted on ridge .5 mi. S.E. at Collier Rd. A deep ravine separated the two; no road where N. Side Dr. is located. When the attack by Stewart´s A.C. struck both Williams and Geary, the latter was forced to refuse his right wing down the slope to connect with Robinson´s brigade at this point.

GHM 060-57 - Georgia Historical Commission - 1955