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The Civil War in Georgia

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Location: Off of Northgate Dr at the Lovett School, on road east of traffic circle (1st street), Atlanta, GA
County: Fulton
Coordinates: N 33° 51.508    W 084° 27.005
  33.85846666    -84.45008333
Style: Interpretative Sign **
Waymark: WMN86C
The Civil War in Georgia Marker  


The Civil War in Georgia

Civil War had raged for three years as far north as Pennsylvania, into western territories and Midwestern states, and throughout the South. All were weary, longing for a quick end to conflict.

(Upper left)
Many looked to their colors to inspire them as they charged the enemy. Their flags, showing the bullet and shot holes of hard service, carried reminders of past victories to infuse the spirit.

(Upper center)
by 1864, federal troops had divided the Eastern and Western Confederate states. General William Sherman directed his armies to occupy Atlanta, the last remaining hub of Confederate transportation, industry, and communication.

In May, with nearly twice as many troops as they Confederate armies, Sherman launched a campaign southward from Chattanooga. Clashes ensued between Sherman's forces in Gen. Joseph Johnson's Confederate lines.

(Upper right)

The summer of 1864 Sault clashes at Kennesaw Mountain, Peachtree Creek, and Jonesboro, which led to the surrender of Atlanta in September and, ultimately, the surrender of Savannah by Christmas.

(Lower left)
the campaign for Atlanta,
-May to September 1864-


  • Resaca
    1864, May 13- 15

  • New Hope Church
    1864, May 25 - 26

  • Dallas
    1864, May 26 - June 1

  • Kolb's Farm
    1864, June 22

  • Kennesaw Mountain
    1864, June 27

  • Peachtree Creek
    1864 July 20

  • Atlanta
    1864, July 22

  • Ezra Church
    1864, July 28

  • Jonesboro
    1864, August 31

  • surrender of Atlanta
    1864, September 2

(Lower center)
Sherman's troops took many losses, but divided forces and attacked Confederate lines from the front and rear. The Confederates were pushed across the Chattahoochee into lines of defensive trenches closer to Atlanta.


The Civil War in Georgia


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