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Controlling the Railroads and the River

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Location: Off of Northgate Dr at the Lovett School, on road east of traffic circle (1st street), Atlanta, GA
County: Fulton
Coordinates: N 33° 51.508    W 084° 27.005
  33.85846666    -84.45008333
Style: Interpretative Sign **
Waymark: WMN86E
Controlling the Railroads and the River Marker  


Controlling the Railroads and the River

It was hot and humid along with the Chattahoochee River in July 1864. Union soldiers were sick, tired, and injured from months of fighting. They had followed the Confederate line from Tennessee to Atlanta. The Army of the Cumberland rested, healed, in resupplied it Vinings station.

General Sherman made plans to take Atlanta, just 8 miles away. Union armies were destroyed the cities in industries and railroad lines supplied the Confederacy.

The Chattahoochee River offered the last natural barrier before the city. Pace's Ferry, a mile south of Vinings, provided a shallow, narrow crossing. Throughout July, there were artillery shelling's and rifle skirmishes across the river. Pontoon boats of Union soldiers crossed the River on July 17. Soldiers, supplies, and artillery moved through the Vinings train station in along Pace's Ferry Road to wage major battles for Atlanta.

two pictures of union generals
General John W Geary, who commanded the Second Division, Twentieth Army Corps, Army of the Cumberland, during the Atlanta campaign.

Colonel David Ireland of the 137th New York volunteer infantry Regiment. Served as commander of the Third Brigade, Second Division, Twentieth Army Corps, Army of the Cumberland, while occupying the Pace's Ferry earthworks.

(lower left- map)

  • Mount Wilkerson
    (Vinings mountain)
    Sherman first Sault Atlanta

  • Vinings station

  • Hardy Pace House
    Union Field Hospital
    and Sherman's Temporary Headquarters

  • purported location of Trading Rock

  • Union Troops crossed the Chattahoochee River first at Roswell and Soap Creek forcing the southern line at Pace's Ferry (Lovett) to withdraw or face being flanked.

  • Location of old Pace's Ferry and Union pontoon bridge


Controlling the Railroads and the River


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