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The Battle of Peachtree Creek Plaque 5 - The Confederate Attack

Location: At the entrance to Tanyard Creek Park on Collier Rd.
County: Fulton
Coordinates: N 33° 48.630    W 084° 24.194
  33.810500    -084.403233
Style: Mounted **
Waymark: WM7MT1
The Battle of Peachtree Creek Plaque 5 - The Confederate Attack Marker  


On July 20th, Hood ordered the attack to begin at 1:00 P.M. Hardee and Stewart were to advance, drive the enemy back to the creek, and then west into the angle formed by the creek and the river; but events east of Atlanta caused the line to be shifted about a mile to the east, delaying the attack until all but Ward´s division of the enemy had occupied strong ground in line of battle. Bate´s division (Hardee´s right) halted with its right on Clear Creek and its left reaching Walker´s right near Peachtree and Spring Street. Walker´s left met Maney´s right near Brookwood Station. Maney´s left joined the right of Loring´s division (Stewart´s right) which now occupied Loring Heights. Loring´s left extended to meet Walthall´s right near Northside Drive and Bellemeade Avenue. Walthall´s left regiment halted west of Howell Mill Road. About 3:30, Hardee moved forward, Stewart a half hour later. Walker´s advance, astride Peachtree Road, was impeded by uncut forest growth, Maney´s by miry creek bottom and steep hills, Bates by swampy, densely-thicketed bottom of Clear Creek. At Collier Road, Walker´s charging men met a withering fire of musketry and canister from Newton´s lines. Although they fought desperately, heavy losses forced them back. On their left, Maney´s men also met defeat. In the creek bottoms, Bates sung around Newton´s left flank to attack his rear; but Bradley´s men, massed along the road overlooking the creek, met them with musketry. At the Peachtree Creek Bridge, Thomas in person emplaced Ward´s two batteries on the high ground along Peachtree Hills Avenue. Canister from these guns shattered Bate´s right. Already suffering from Bradley´s musketry, his men fell back. Having no reserves, Hardee could not renew the attack so he withdrew. About 4:00, Stewart´s corps attacked. Loring moved forward with Featherston´s brigade on the right, Scott on the left. Featherston´s men crossed Tanyard Branch and moved through dense wood into a wide clearing. They reformed their lines (astride Dellwood Drive) under fire from Geary´s batteries, firing from their left. Sweeping back the Federal picket line barricaded along it, they charged over Collier Road and into the gap between Newton´s right and Geary´s left; but a cross fire of musketry from those positions, together with Ward´s arrival, drove them back with severe losses. Ward´s men took position along Collier Road.

Georgia Historic Commission - Georgia Civil War Centennial Commission
Place 1964


Maker style - Mounted Plaque - one of 6 plaques located here.

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