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The Battle of Peachtree Creek Plaque 6 - The Confederate Attack - Continued

Location: At the entrance to Tanyard Creek Park on Collier Rd.
County: Fulton
Coordinates: N 33° 48.635    W 084° 24.199
  33.810500    -084.403233
Style: Mounted **
Waymark: WM7MT1
The Battle of Peachtree Creek Plaque 6 - The Confederate Attack - Continued Marker  


On the right, Harrison placed two regiments across Tanyard Branch, to connect with Candy´s left, and three on the slight rise east of it. Scott´s brigade advanced across the thickly wooded hills between Northside and Whitehall drives, routing the 33rd New Jersey and capturing its state flag. Although Scott´s men met a storm of fire from Geary´s front, his left regiment captured four of Geary´s guns but where forced to retire without them. His right regiments, diverted to the right by the fire from Candy´s men and of the battery near his left, crossed Tanyard Branch in this area and charged into the gap along the stream, between Harrison´s regiments. At Collier Mill, a few yards farther on, they were halted by a ridge across their front. Massed under the cross fire of Harrison´s men, they were decimated before they could withdraw. Later, a Federal officer wrote "Few battlefields of the war have been strewn so thickly with dead and wounded as they lay that evening around Collier´s mill." On Loring´s left, Walthall had deployed astride Howell Mill Road and advanced northeast through the Embry plantation. O´Neal´s brigade struck Geary´s right, forced it to swing back across Overbrook Road and the ravine to connect with Williams´ left. But the impetus of the attack plunged O´Neal´s men into the ravine between Geary and Williams where they lost heavily before they could withdraw. On O´Neal´s left, the right of Reynolds´ brigade made two desperate attempts to cross the ravine on Williams´ front and assault his line, but the concave ridge thrust Williams´ flanks forward, enabling them to enfilade Reynolds´ right regiments and drive them back with heavy losses. Reynolds´ left across Howell Mill swung around Knipe´s right and attacked his flank; but Ruger´s men rushed to his support and Reynolds´ now exposed left was swept by fire from McCook´s intrenchments, forces Reynolds´ to retire. Nowhere on the two-mile front had the Confederate assault met with more than passing success. Finally, Hardee and Sterwart withdrew their shattered divisions in to the shelter of the outer line. Estimates place Hood´s loss as 4,796, Thomas actual loss was 1,779. Although the Army of Tennessee had fought with the same courage and gallantry which had made Sherman´s advance slow and costly, it had suffered a bitter defeat.

Georgia Historic Commission - Georgia Civil War Centennial Commission
Place 1964


Maker style - Mounted Plaque - one of 6 plaques located here.

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