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A New House?

Marker ID: NPS 
Location: Fort Frederica National Monument, Saint Simons Island, GA
County: Glynn
Coordinates: N 31° 13.416    W 081° 23.448
  31.2236    -81.3908
Style: Interpretative Sign **
Waymark: None


A New House?
Fort Frederica National Monument

"Two coins were found on the floor. One was a British penny dated 1755, and the other was a United States cent dated 1798." Archeological Report

The life span of Frederica was brief. Most of the ruins you see represent structures built during the town's first thirteen years, from 1736 to 1749. After 1749, when General Oglethorpe's Regiment was disbanded, the town began to die. Houses fell into ruin, and few new ones were built.

On this lot archeologists found predominately 19th century artifacts. Judging by the artifacts the house on this foundation was probably a "newer" house built after the town's decline.

The first settlers on this lot were Michael and Atkey Wilson who returned to England after seven years. Subsequent residents included Upheame Campbell, a soldier; John Campbell, a tailor; and James Spalding, who may have built the most recent house here about 1768.

National Park Service-United States Department of the Interior.