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Broad Street

Marker ID: NPS 
Location: Fort Frederica National Monument, Saint Simons Island, GA
County: Glynn
Coordinates: N 31° 13.422    W 081° 23.4
  31.2237    -81.39
Style: Interpretative Sign **
Waymark: None


Broad Street
Fort Frederica National Monument

"The town is divided into several ? streets along ? sides are planted orange trees… London Magazine 1745

Imagine a typical day here on Broad Street in the early 1740s. Women worked in fenced gardens. Children played in the streets. Soldiers visited taverns and dealt with tradesmen, and Indians who brought in game. The inhabitants numbered one thousand.

Broad Street was Frederica's main avenue, leading from the town gate to the fort. Some of Frederica's most prosperous citizens built their houses of brick and tabby here, side by side with the wood houses and thatched huts of less wealthy freeholders.

In some respects, Frederica resembled a typical English town, but it was only a small island of British civilization on the edge of the great American wilderness

National Park Service-United States Department of the Interior.