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Marker ID: NPS 
Location: Fort Frederica National Monument, Saint Simons Island, GA
County: Glynn
Coordinates: N 31° 13.416    W 081° 23.436
  31.2236    -81.3906
Style: Interpretative Sign **
Waymark: None


Fort Frederica National Monument

Ann and Levi Bennett, "kept a good public house there (Frederica), and after her husband's death married (Samuel) Lee who is an idle fellow, and her businesses is almost lost." A List of the Early Settlers of Georgia 1763

Levi Bennett and his wife Ann operated Frederica's first tavern here. The lot was assigned to Bennett when Frederica was established in 1736.

Two years after their arrival Mr. Bennett either died or deserted the colony. The task of running the tavern was left to his wife and his servant, Samuel Lee, who Ann eventually married. Ann also kept a store here and was described by a diarist as "a considerable dealer."

Among the artifacts discovered here were 15 wine goblets, 1,218 wine bottle fragments, and 2,331 fragments of clay pipes—items likely to be found in a pub.

National Park Service-United States Department of the Interior.