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The Town Wall

Marker ID: NPS 
Location: Fort Frederica National Monument, Saint Simons Island, GA
County: Glynn
Coordinates: N 31° 13.416    W 081° 23.406
  31.2236    -81.3901
Style: Interpretative Sign **
Waymark: None


The Town Wall
Fort Frederica National Monument

"The town is surrounded by a rampart with flankers, of the same thickness with that round the fort…" London Magazine 1745

The three-covered embankment in front of you is a remnant of a mile-long earthen wall that once enclosed the town. Construction of the wall began about 1739 and probably continued for several years.

The earthworks consisted of a sodden rampart 6 feet high, with a firing step on the inside and a moat on the outside. The moat was bounded by two rows of eight-foot posts called palisades. These defenses would have been difficult for enemy soldiers to cross, and none ever tried.

Today the palisades are gone and earth-works have been eroded, but remnants of the wall and moat are visible.

The fortifications surrounding the town resembled those at the fort. The earth removed in digging the moat was used to build the rampart.

National Park Service-United States Department of the Interior.