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The Active Life

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Location: in front of the Chichota cottage ruins on Riverview Drive 0.3 miles south of Stable Road, Jekyll Island, GA
County: Glynn
Coordinates: N 31° 3.677    W 081° 25.395
  31.06128333    -81.42325
Style: Interpretative Sign **
Waymark: None


Edwin Gould purchased Chichota cottage within 5 days of his first visit to Jekyll Island in December of 1900. He quickly began modifying the cottage for his family's arrival in March. Edwin made a commitment to the Island, purchasing several lots and building Cherokee, a cottage for his in-laws the Shradys directly behind his own cottage.

Edwin's two young sons, Edwin Jr. and Frank enjoyed many winter seasons on the island in the pursuit of the active, athletic life. Their parents built the "Casino," with a bowling alley, indoor shooting range, game room, and extra lodging upstairs for guests. An indoor tennis court and greenhouse were added later. Edwin purchased a stable, beach house, a cottage for his gardener, and Latham Hammock across the Jekyll Creek from the island. He foresaw the Hammock becoming an additional ground for hunting and fishing for the club members as well as for men "of smaller means" not associated with the Jekyll Island Club.

Tragedy struck the family in February of 1917. Edwin Jr. was killed in a hunting accident on Latham Hammock, ending a chapter in the Gould family tradition of wintering on Jekyll. The family tragedy in effect was the death of the family holdings on the Island too. Chichota and the Casino fell into disrepair and were torn down at a later date.

Frank Miller Gould

A new chapter began with Frank Miller Gould, Edwin's youngest son, who constructed his own cottage on Jekyll Island in 1929. He would name the cottage Villa Mariana after his young daughter Marianne. Frank had been coming to the island all of this life, and even the loss of his brother on the island could not destroy the fond memories he had of the island.

Erected by Jekyll Island Museum.