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Flint Electric Membership Corporation

Marker ID: EMC 
Location: 700 Watson Blvd at Warner Robins Municipal Complex
County: Houston
Coordinates: N 32° 37.168    W 083° 36.429
  32.61945891    -83.60714639
Style: Free Standing **
Waymark: WMA924
Flint Electric Membership Corporation Marker
Photo by Ken Moser


Flint Electric Membership Corporation provided electrical service to Wellston, Georgia in 1939. Population about 43 people. In 1943, when the name was changed to Warner Robins, a major commandment was made by Flint EMC to server the electrical needs of the community. Through the years Flint has taken an active part in the progressive development of the city and together the community and the cooperation have grown. Warner Robins is the largest incorporated area in the United States served by an electric cooperative.

Flint Electric Membership Corporation

Flint Electric Membership Corporation
Photo by Ken Moser


In honor of Flint Energies' 70th anniversary, a short historic marker rededication ceremony was held in front of Warner Robins City Hall.

First erected in May of 1985 to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Rural Electrification Administration (REA) (now called the Rural Utilities Service), the marker had been removed several years ago so that the City of Warner Robins could complete renovations at City Hall. The marker had been safely stored by the city.

Today's rededication makes mention of the relationship between Flint Energies (Flint Electric Membership Corp.), organized as Taylor County EMC on April 23, 1937, and the City of Warner Robins, chartered in 1943. Flint provided service to just a few homes in the community of Wellston before the city and Robins Air Force Base (RAFB) began to grow.

"We have been closely tied with the growth and success of the city of Warner Robins and Robins Air Force Base for much of our 70-year history, " says Flint Energies CEO Bob Ray. "This marker commemorates a significant date in the history of a thriving Middle Georgia community and in one of the largest electric cooperatives in the country. "

City Attorney Jim Elliott represented the City of Warner Robins in the ceremony, saying that the relationship between the city and Flint is long and valuable to the residents of the community.

The only historical marker in the City of Warner Robins has been restored to its location in front of City Hall.