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Cavalry Action At Buckhead Church

Marker ID: GHM 082-9B
Location: 3.5 miles W of Perkins (on US 25) 12 miles S of Waynesboro
County: Jenkins
Coordinates: N 32° 54.052    W 082° 1.457
  32.90087    -82.02429
Style: Free Standing **
Waymark: WM7V7W
Cavalry Action At Buckhead Church Marker
Photo by Ken Moser


On Nov. 28, 1864, the 3rd Cavalry Division [USA]. Brig. Gen. J. L. Kilpatrick. USA, was driven south from Waynesboro by the Cavalry Corps. Army of Tennessee [CSA]. Maj. Gen. Joseph Wheeler. CSA. Retreating under constant harassment by Wheeler´s men. Kilpatrick´s command commenced crossing Buckhead Creek cast of the church. The rear guard ( Second and Third Kentucky cavalry regiments) was attacked before crossing but, supported by the Fifth Kentucky, the ninth Pennsylvania and the Tenth Wisconsin Battery, it beat off the attack and crossing but, supported by the Fifth Ohio Cavalry. Wheeler moved upstream, effected his crossing, and again attack Kilpatrick´s command which, in the meantime, had entrenched about three miles west of the church near Reynolds plantation.

Reaching the enemy position. Wheeler sent Dibrell´s brigade to attack the right. Ashby´s brigade to turn the left, and launched a frontal charge with the Third Arkansas and Eighth and Eleventh Texas cavalry regiments: but Kilpatrick managed to extricate his command as darkness set in and retreated six miles toward Louisville where Sherman´s Left Wing was encamped. Wheeler then resumed his mission of attacking Union foraging parties which were attempting to strip the countryside of animals and provisions.

GHM 082-9B Georgia Historical Commission

Buckhead Church
Cavalry Action At Buckhead Church
Photo by Ken Moser