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Battle of Griswoldville The Advance from East Macon

Marker ID: GHM 084-25
Location: On Henderson Road in Griswold
County: Jones
Coordinates: N 32° 52.272    W 083° 29.33
  32.87119578    -83.48883135
Style: Free Standing **
Waymark: WM6WTH
Battle of Griswoldville The Advance from East Macon Marker
Photo by Ken Moser


On Nov. 22, 1864, the 1st Division. Georgia Milltia (less the 1st Brigade), with the 1st and 2nd Regiments. Georgia State Line, and Anderson´s Georgia Battery attached. Brig. Gen. Pleasant J. Phillips commanding, marched from East Macon about 8:00 A.M. enroute to Augusta. About a mile west of Griswoldville. Phillips found the Athens and Augusta local defense battalions, under Maj. F. W. C. Cook, formed in line of battle facing the town, through which elements of Wheeler´s cavalry [CSA] had just been driven by Walcutt´s brigade of Woods division; 15th Corps and Murray´s brigade of Kilpatrick´s cavalry division.

Forming line of battle with Anderson´s brigade on the right, the Athens and Augusta Battalions in the center. McCoy´s brigade on the left/ Mann´s brigade in reverse and the State Line regiments deployed as skirmishers in his front. Phillips advanced to Griswoldville, only to find that the enemy had retired.

Unaware that Walcutt had halted and intrenched about 1 ½ miles east, south of the railroad, to protect the right of Sherman´s army then moving on the Irwinton road. Phillips reassembled his command and began moving it east of town to await further orders.