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Gen. Elijah Clark - Removed

Marker ID: GHM 090-1
Location: Community House Grounds, Elijah Clark Park, Lincolnton, GA
County: Lincoln
Status: The marker has been removed.
Waymark: None


Gen. Elijah Clark, ´Hero of the Hornets Nest.´ and members of his family are buried here. Their graves were removed from near Graball (10 mi. N.) to prevent inundation by Clark Hill Lake in 1952.

Gen. Clark was born in Edgefield Co., S.C., in 1733 and moved to Wiles Co., Ga., in 1774.

When the Revolutionary War broke out hr became a colonel of militia. His activities against the Wilkes Co. Tories gave him his nickname. He led American forces against the British in battles at Alligator Creek, Kettle Creek, Musgrove´s Mill, Fish Dam, Blackstock´s, Long Cane, Beattie´s Mill and two sieges of Augusta, the last one successful, becoming a Brigadier-General.

090-1 Georgia Historical Commission 1956


Marker has been removed