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Fort Barrington

Marker ID: GHM 095-2
Location: Ga 57, 3.7 miles N of Townsend at the McIntosh County line [misnumbered--actually in Long County]
County: Long
Coordinates: N 31° 34.621    W 081° 34.009
  31.57701939    -81.56682237
Style: Free Standing **
Waymark: WM3JMP
Fort Barrington Marker
Photo by Mike Stroud


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Approximately ten miles west of here on the banks of the Altamaha River stood fort Barrington, a stronghold whose origin dates back to earliest Colonial times. It was built as a defense against the Spaniards and Indians and was called Fort Barrington in honor of a friend and kinsman of General James Edward Oglethorpe, lieutenant Colonel Josiah Barrington. This gentleman, a scion of the English nobility, was a large landowner in Georgia, whose home was just east of Barrington Ferry on San Savilla Bluff. Fort Barrington, which was twelve miles northwest of the town of Darien was renamed Fort Howe during the Revolution as it fell into the hands of the British.

The fort long ago ceased to exist, but the old military road which formerly ran between Savannah and fort Barrington is still known as the Old Barrington Road. Barrington Ferry, important ferry since colonial Days, was in use until the early years of the Twentieth Century.


Fort Barrington
Photo by Mike Stroud


This marker is actually located in Long County, within 15-feet of the McIntosh County line. The Georgia Historical Commission mistakenly thinking it was in McIntosh County incorrectly assigned a marker number for McIntosh County.