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John Smith Watson Homeplace

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Location: This marker is located on the Wilson Family Farm at the NE corner of Hwy 78 and Harrison Road. This is just east of Thomson. This farm is very large. Take the gravel road just west of the main house and go toward barns G and H.
County: McDuffie
Waymark: None


This house stood on the site of the large brick house to your right, from 1885 to 1935, when it was moved to this location. John S. Watson (1833-1895) was the great-grandfather of John, James and Bob Wilson. In 1864, after being wounded fighting General Sherman, he was brought home from Macon by his wife and a son. The father of seven children, he is buried next to one of his sons -- U.S. Senator Thomas E. Watson who was the Father of Rural Free Delivery -- in the City Cemetery on Lumpkin Street in Thomson. Others are buried in the family cemetery to your right. There are currently six homes of John S. Watson descendants here on the John S. Watson Homeplace. Burned 05 Aug 1998.


This is not a Georgia Historical Marker. It is a memorial marker placed by the Wilson family.