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Star Fort

Marker ID: NPS 
Location: at the corner of Andersonville Prison Site.
County: Macon
Coordinates: N 32° 11.531    W 084° 07.920
  32.19218333    -84.132
Style: Interpretative Sign **
Waymark: WMAFXB
Star Fort Marker
Photo by Ken Moser


Within this stronghold stood the offices of the post commander and the prison commandant. Fort and headquarters were symbols of power, but the fully enclosed earthworks also reflect the authorities' besieged state of mind. Hampered by supply shortages and a constant influx of new prisoners, Confederates here were responsible for operating a prison camp under conditions they could hardly control.
Four of the Star Fort's guns were trained outward to repel Union cavalry raids. The other five cannon were aimed toward the north slope of the prison camp.
Before erosion rounded the walls, these earthworks were angled to give defenders overlapping fields of fire.

National Park Service

Star Fort
Photo by Ken Moser


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