Historic Markers Across Georgia

6 - pounder Field Gun

Marker ID: NPS 
Location: on Cemetery Road north of Prison Site Road, Andersonville, Georgia
County: Macon
Coordinates: N 32° 11.833    W 084° 7.779
  32.19721666    -84.12965
Style: Interpretative Sign **
Waymark: None


With these guns, a few guards were able to control thousands of prisoners. Canister could cut a wide swath through a crowd.

Gun tube:
Bronze, 884 lbs.
Smoothbore, diameter 3.67 inches

Solid shot, Case shot, Canister

Solid shot 1,523 yds.
Case shot 1,200 yds.
Canister effective to 6oo yds.

(1) Solid shot - attached to wooden sabot with tin straps.

(2) Shell - complete fixed round. Cartridge bag tied to sabot. Paper bag in place.

(3) Case Shot - contained 4.5-ounce burster and 78 musket balls.

(4) Canister - contained 27 cast iron shot, average weight 0.43 pound in tin case, nailed to sabot

Erected by National Park Service.